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One of the great features of a blog is it’s “RSS Feed.”  That stands for “real simple syndication” – but it can be a little confusing and not feel so simple if you’re new to blogging.  It allows your fans to get notified when you post a new blog, if they choose to subscribe in an RSS reader.  Awesome, right? Here’s how it works for your fans:

But what if your fans don’t use an RSS Reader? What if you move your website to a new URL? How can you tell who’s following your RSS feed?

Easy answers! I use Feedburner along with the plugin FD Feedburner Plugin on my blog.

Five Reasons I’m a Feedburner Fan

1. It simplifies promoting my feed.  Through Feedburner I get all sorts of options that are easy to setup and use.

2. It allows me to offer my readers a “subscribe by email” option in addition to the usual option to subscribe with an rss reader.  You can see it in action near the top right of this page, under my welcome video.

3.  It’s easy to embed other places.  With a snippet of code from Feedburner, called the Headline Animator, I can take my blog posts and promote them on other sites.  Here’s what it looks like:

4.  It’s gives me cool statistics info.  I can login to my Feedburner account and see how many people have subscribed, what they’re reading, and more.

5. It gives me control in case I change domain names, blog software, or otherwise need to update my feed URL.  I won’t lose any subscribers, I just update the address in Feedburner and it will keep all the subscribers up to date.

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  2. I like your little video explaining the feedburner optin form. Nice and clean look, I’ll bookmark this page and see if I can do something similar
    Thanks Dale
    Dale L Anderson recently posted… Why I Help Small Service BusinessesMy Profile

    1. Isn’t that cool? I love their videos. You can find more on all sorts of subjects here:

  3. I have a question about Feedburner. Do your stats fluctuate a lot each day? Do you think people subscribe and unsubscribe so quickly?

    I’m wondering if my issues with Feedburner are unique.
    Fiona Bosticky recently posted… Should you Upgrade to WordPress 3.0?My Profile

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  5. Thanks for sharing this post Michelle. I like the fact that you used the video. Great job of explaining things.
    Corrie Petersen recently posted… Suggestions for Writing a good Bio for your ArticleMy Profile

    1. Wasn’t that video cool? Check out their YouTube channel for all sorts of great video demos.

  6. Cool resource for the video’s Michelle. Thanks

    I am a Feedburner fan too. I avoided subscribing to RSS feeds for a long time because I thought a reader was something you had to download. It wasn’t until I setup my own feed till I understood how it worked.
    George Arthur Burks recently posted… Membership Website – Protect Your Content With A Download Membership WebsiteMy Profile

    1. I tried RSS readers but didn’t really start using one regularly until this year and I’m so glad I did – make it so much easier to keep up with my favorite blogs.

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  8. […] a big fan of Feedburner because it allows you to setup a subscribe by email option for those who aren’t using RSS […]

  9. This post is perfectly timed for me as I’m just beginning to draw my head out of the sand when it comes to RSS feeds. This helped alot! Thanks!
    Lynette Patterson recently posted… The Best Way to Determine Your Goal WeightMy Profile

    1. Awesome! Thanks, Lynette.

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