Get More Traffic to Your Website: Part 1 of 3

Search Engine Optimization

Over 400 million searches are performed every day on the various search engines. 84.8% of web users find websites through search engines. Every day people are searching for the information, products, and services you offer! Are they finding you?

If you want to get some of that traffic, start learning about search engine optimization. It’s not rocket science, just takes some time and effort, and the results can really boost your traffic.

Here are three steps you can take to improve your search engines: (1) Use relevant titles on your pages, (2) include lots of valuable content on your website, (3) work to build incoming links to your website.


Have you started your own blog yet? It’s a great way to connect with your target market and the search engines love the fresh content.

WordPress is a fabulous free blog you can add to your own website —

Once you’re up and running, here are some tips to get your blog noticed:
* Exchange links with other blogs (using a blogroll)
* Make sure you have an RSS feed enabled
* Be sure that “pings” are turned on
* Install plugins to help your posts get into the social bookmarking site, my favorite is
* Get listed in Blog Directories:

Social Networking

Websites like MySpace, Facebook, and Ryze that allow individuals to connect with others by sharing their interests, opinions, photographs, and whatever parts of their lives they choose. Take some time to explore a bit and see which sites are a good fit for you and reach your target market.

Social Bookmarking

A rapidly growing trend that allows you to recommend and share content with other users by essentially “voting” for the content and commenting in it.

The two biggest social bookmarking sites are Digg ( and Delicious ( You might also look at Technorati (

Make it easy for people to bookmark your websites by adding little icons that users can click to bookmark. With a WordPress blog, it’s easy and you can use this plugin: You can add Digg directly to your website with these tools: or this free service:

Review Products & Services

Take a few minutes to write honest testimonials for other small or home-based businesses and email them. They are likely to print them on their websites and be willing to include a link to you.

This is how I found my business coach–she shared a testimonial with an internet marketer and I saw it, followed a link to her website, and signed up!

Be sure to only review products or services you’re willing to be associated with. You can send reviews directly to the companies/professionals, or you can leave your reviews places like

Next week… 5 more ways to get traffic to your website!

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