Get More Traffic to Your Website: Part 2 of 3

This is part 2 of 15 ways to get more traffic to your website.

So far we’ve looked at these traffic generating strategies:
1. Search Engine Optimization
2. Blogging
3. Social Networking
4. Social Bookmarking
5. Review Products & Services

And here are the next five:

6. Signature Line

Add a signature line to all of your email messages. Every time you send an email your website URL and promotional information can be included. You want to keep it short. I recommend 3-4 lines. Include your business name, website URL, and slogan or tag line.

You can also consider including a notice about current special offers, upcoming sales, or your free offer for subscribing to your newsletter.

7. Article Marketing

Several months ago I decided to try a short experiment. I put up a website ( and shared the URL only through article marketing. I submitted articles at and then waited to see what would happen. Would I get any traffic? Would the traffic sign up for my newsletter? This week I sent an update to the owner of WAHM Articles to let her know how it had gone:
After a few months of comparing traffic and subscription rates I found that the traffic I received from my articles came with more average page views per visit and a higher subscription rate to my newsletter. In fact, the subscription rate for visitors from articles was double that of the general traffic to my site! About 40% of visitors who read one of my articles first and clicked through to my website signed up for my newsletter.

If you track your website unique visitors and sign up rates, you’ll recognize that as a very strong subscription rate. Article marketing converts more subscribers to my newsletters than any method except joint ventures. I highly recommend it.

Another advantage of article marketing is that it allows you to leverage your time. You can write an article once then use it on your blog, your website, and submit it to multiple article directories. From there it will get published on other websites and sometimes picked up and used in ezines as well. Write it once and it keeps working for you.

8. Get Listed in Directories

Here are three types of directories you can get your website listed in and how to find them:

Specialized Directories: Use the search engines to find trade associations and product directories that you can be listed in. One example is for cloth diapering websites. You can find good, targeted directories by searching Google. For example, try this: “product name” directory. For example: “cloth diaper” directory or “website design” directory

General Directories: General directories such as and are free to request a link from. You may want to consider paid directories on individual basis. Their value for you will depend on your particular business and the type of traffic the directory generates.

Other Directories: Look at local directories such as and as well as small business directories, environmental/ethical directories, and other similar sites to request listings on. Also check the websites of the retailers/wholesalers you purchase from, the shopping cart or web host you use, and other businesses you work with. Many offer directories of their clients or retailers and you may be able to pick up some links and targeted traffic by being listed.

9. Charities & Community Involvement

Giving of your time, money, or other resources is good for your business and your soul. Find a charity you support and make a donation! Get creative and you can benefit from the buzz and public goodwill.

Some ideas:

– Many charitable organizations have fund raisers where they hold drawings or auctions for products donated by local businesses. Donate a product or gift certificate for a service.

– Help sponsor a charity event.

– Run a special promotion on your website or in your store with a percentage of proceeds being donated to a specified charity. Announce the event and then the results and proof of donation afterwards (a copy of your check to the charity or a picture of you presenting the donation to the charity are good ways to help customers feel secure knowing that their purchase did in fact support the charity).

– If you’re a business coach or provide similar services, consider donating an hour or two of your time to teach a class for the local YWCA or SBA.

– Do you provide pampering or health services for women or children? Contact your local women’s shelter with an offer of a volunteer day for their residents.

– If you offer products for children, a shelter would welcome your donation and many send out newsletters where they include acknowledgments of business who’ve donated.

There are many ways to make a difference and more important that any direct sales as a result is the importance of giving and being open to opportunities to help others.

10. Create a Buzz

Sing it in your head — “Let’s give them something to talk about…”

What makes a commercial memorable? What gets you to visit that new little cafe downtown? Why did you download the last free ebook, article or resource you downloaded?

Something caught your interest! Maybe a trusted colleague recommended it. Maybe a friend told you not to miss it. Or maybe an ad created curiosity and you couldn’t resist.

Does your website have a “buzz”? If not, you’ve got to create it! If you’re providing fabulous service, your customers are probably already buzzing but you can encourage it by offering customer rewards for referrals, providing “email a friend” links, and giving them quick, easy ways to share your website.

You can also create a “buzz” by running contests, offering giveaways, and using other exciting marketing strategies.

Give people a reason to talk about your site and they will.

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