Go Infograph Yourself! (Weekend Fun)

Have you turned your life into an infographic yet?

Here’s a cool site for building your own online resume in infographic format: http://re.vu

Here’s mine: http://re.vu/MichelleShaeffer

Click through and you can see how the timeline, quotes, and other areas are interactive.  You can also upload a traditional copy of your resume and allow visitors to contact you through the page.

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  1. This is an awesome tool! I love it! thank you so much for sharing! This would make a great tab on any blogsite, especially for a solo or mom-preneur ;) This would be something to add to my linked in page too ;) so many ideas! Where do you find the time to do everything you do on top of finding all this great information?! You are amazing!!! I really do appreciate all that you do for so many of us!!!
    Kimberly ~ Gypsy recently posted… Top 5 Reasons I Love WordPress for BlogsitesMy Profile

    1. Yeah, it’s really a neat way to display a resume. There are so many cool things to play with on the internet, aren’t there? :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Could They Erase YOU From the Internet Tomorrow?My Profile

  2. Thanks for trying out re.vu and writing an entry about it. As a co-founder, I’m always happy when people find value in what we’re building. If you have suggestions for improvements, we’re always open to them through the feedback tab in the application.

  3. that looks cool
    have to try it :)
    helen bogun recently posted… 14 – Sweet timesMy Profile

    1. It’s fun to play with, Helen. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Go Infograph Yourself! (Weekend Fun)My Profile

  4. Very cool! I wonder if this could be used as a Welcome page for the Facebook business page? I’ve had this on my TODO for a while and would be great to have it done until the end of 2011 ;)
    Delia recently posted… How to create a profile image for your Facebook business pageMy Profile

  5. Michelle business owners do not want a resume though. Most of us are starting to realize that it is not about jobs but about what we offer our clients. I will check this out but only if it helps me connect better with clients will I spend time here
    Roberta Budvietas recently posted… Learn to Speak Banker’s LanguageMy Profile

  6. Wow, thanks for sharing this. I just recently wrote about my journey to design a more creative resume. I’m excited to play with this tool to see what it turns up.
    Jon Anscher recently posted… Age Appropriateness on the Challenge CourseMy Profile

  7. Awesome Tool. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to share this with my children and granddaughter. Fun+value is a getting it done formula.
    Adalia recently posted… How to Go From Goal Setting to Goal AchievingMy Profile

    1. Yes, it’s a fun one. My kids liked this one, and the Twitter cartoon/infographic at http://visual.ly/twitter

  8. This looks pretty good, I’ve seen several sites that do things like this, but I’ll still have to give this a try ;)
    Karen recently posted… Blazing Minds Top Posts For 2011My Profile

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