Handling a Confidence Crisis with Your Own “Positivity” File

Running your own small business can be a bumpy road. Many small business owners go through moments were we aren’t sure we can succeed or that we are “enough” (good enough, smart enough, talented enough, etc).

Overcome the confidence crisis! Create your own positivity file. It can be a folder on your computer, a folder on your desk filled with printed papers, a special box, a bulletin board on your office wall, or whatever else you’d like to use. It’s a place where you can keep things that are positive and remind you of your value and accomplishments.

Ideas of what to include:
– Customer comments or testimonials
– Pictures of your favorite projects
– Awards, reviews, etc.
– A profit statement from your best day/month/year in business
– Comments from your colleagues
– Your own notes on projects or clients you feel you made a difference
– Accomplishment journal

If you’ve been in business for a while you probably already have many of these items and will just need to gather them.

If you need help building things to including, here are some suggestions:
– Join LinkedIn or Merchant Circle and invite your clients to leave you reviews
– Send an email to a few of your favorite clients and ask if they’d be willing to write a testimonial for you
– Look back through your project files and find the projects that you enjoyed working on, whether for your own business or in a previous employment position, and include those in your file
– Start an accomplishment journal and write down something positive you accomplished each day — small or big, doesn’t matter, anything that you were successful at will help you boost your confidence

Next time you feel that confidence slipping, allow yourself time to acknowledge the feelings, then pull out the positively file and refocus on the reasons that you have to smile and be confident.

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  1. […] I pin up note cards on my bulletin board, and keep a folder on my computer that has screenshot images of nice things people say about me online or via email. It definitely helps on the challenging days. If you don’t have a “Fans Folder” or positivity file yet, you may like this post I wrote last year on how to create one to help you through those confidence crises we sometimes run into when we run our own businesses: https://www.michelleshaeffer.com/handling-a-confidence-crisis-with-your-own-positivity-file-2/2009/02… […]

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