Woo! So, You Wanna Know How I Can Help You Grow Your Business?

It depends on where you're at and what you're looking for... here's the basic phases of the entrepreneurial business evolution and how I can support you in each phase...

Just Getting Started (Gimme Freebies)

Cool, even if you're just getting started (hey I started without any budget, too - get going and you'll get there!) I can help. Check out the Phase One section below for my top suggestions for you.

I've got a riddle for you... 

The answer is the real reason your list isn't growing as fast as it should be... (I'll show you how to fix that!)

Wondering if the traffic-getting methods you're trying to use actually WORK? 

Let me share the story of the Three Little Traffic Piglets with you... 

Phase One: Dippin' Your Toes In

So you've got your business started, might have a bit of cashflow coming in, and you're ready to get it moving. In Phase One you're ready for topic specific trainings you can grab on demand to help you in the areas you're looking to discover. (But hey check out Phase Two, too, because you might be ready for it...)

Smart Blogger's Foundation: How to Find Your Audience, Get Them on List and Create a Community of Raving Fans

This fast, focused course will quickly walk you step by step through how to identify your readers, get inside their heads, understand who they are, what they want, and exactly what to say to get them on your list!

Get Found, Get Traffic, Get Sales

Tired of being a "best kept secret"? 

Know you've got something cool to offer, if only people knew existed?

Or, frustrated by all the time you've spent trying out traffic strategies that don't work?

Here's the answer...

Passive Income Possibilities 27 Ways to Add Passive Income in a Weekend

This course is great for bloggers or business owners who blog, and anyone looking to add passive income through affiliate marketing, referrals, ebooks/ecourses, and more.

And, it dives into how to creatively monetize what you're already doing, too!

Blog Profit Point

ATTENTION: 2 Outdated Myths About Blogging Are Ruining Your Shot at Success

Enough struggling, wasting hours of time on your blog.  

It’s time someone told you the truth – the REAL “secret” to creating a popular, money-making blog.  

I’ve shown thousands of bloggers how to apply this simple principle to their business. It’s helped them get people clicking, reading, commenting, sharing, and eager to sign up for their programs and to buy their products.  

I’ll share it with you, too...  

The Membership Model

It’s time to get your membership site launched and out there, making you consistent money, and helping more people!  

And, you can do it in a weekend with The Membership Model.  

When you join the program today, you get instant access to five “GET IT DONE” modules designed to walk you through all the key decisions and planning needed to get your program up and running. 

Plus step by step checklists and guides for how to plan and deliver your content, market your membership to attract members, and keep members in your program.

Magnetic Social Media 2.0

Has it hit you yet? The overwhelm.. the confusion... the chaos... 

The time-sucking attempts to keep up with it all, that are generating few (or no) results for your business?  

There's a simple solution... 

Ready to turn your social media overwhem into an organized, magnetic client attraction machine?

Let's make it happen with your own Client Attraction Plan!

Phase Two: Ready for Kickstart Strategy & Support

You've got your basics in place (at least some of those pieces, even if they aren't fitting together just yet)... and are ready for two things - well, first, you're ready for more CLIENTS - but to get there you've gotta have an experienced pair of eyes review what you've got to help you connect it all and fill in the blanks, and you need solid a strategy and plan. That's where the Insider Club comes in... 

Get EVERYTHING Above and More in the Insider Club!

Join 200+ Entrepreneurs and Get Access to Training, Tools and Ongoing Support and Community

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Phase Three: Growth Focus - Implementation Time

Information overwhelm anyone? There's a point where you move from "learning" into "get it done!" mode - and to grow your business you've got to focus on implementation. That's where the resources in Phase 3 come in.

Work One-on-One With Michelle

"Rescue Strategy" Solve Your Big Challenge 

You, Me, Video Chat = Solutions. We'll jump on a video chat, you tell me what's up, and I'll help you figure out a solution and your next steps to make it happen.

From messaging to catch your ideal client's attention (I'm really kick@ss at helping you identify your value and the exact words to express what you do in a way that people say, "WOW, how do I sign up?")...

To solid business strategy of how to launch your next workshop, fill your group program, or create passive income streams...

List building? Show me what you've got and I'll help you dial in it so you get crazy conversions and excited new subscribers! 

And, of course, I'm always up to brainstorm content marketing and blogging with you. I didn't write 42 blog posts in a day, publish 1,000+ posts on my blog, attract millions of visits, or mentor 15,000 bloggers through challenges without knowing the time-saving, results-generating tips, tactics, and tools that help make that happen. ;)

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Map My Funnel Brainstorming

Let's put together the pieces of your funnel - from traffic to freebie to offer to upsell and more...

Got a product, program, or service you're ready to get out there and share with your ideal clients but don't know how to build your funnel around it?

We'll start with who it's for and what problem it solves...

Brainstorm the best freebie to get their attention (is it a checklist? ebook? video series? webinar? - and what's the attention-getting twist on the topic?)...

Create your first offer (does a liquidator belong in your funnel?)...

And design the pieces and strategy you need to get your audience from Point A (knowing you exist) to Point B (on your list) to Point C (new client)... and then, turn them into a raving fan who shares you!

(We can also "talk tech" in this session about list software, ecommerce and related tools to get you setup.)

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Goals GPS: Set Your Goal, Create Your Step by Step Action Plan to Reach It

If you're thinking... it'd sure help me get motivated if I knew EXACTLY what to do, when...  

Why can't someone take me by the hand and help me create my strategy/marketing plan to map out how exactly I can hit my goals with promotions and more...  

Let's book a Goal GPS Session! Just you, me, your goals, and my strategic and creative marketing ideas...  

One hour and you walk away with a paint by numbers plan to kick booty with your marketing.  

Plus I'll give you a recording of my popular Goals GPS workshop and goodies as a free bonus. ;)  

This offer is limited, so get your spot before my calendar fills.

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