Here’s Why Business Isn’t Rocket Science

When you’re building your own business, sometimes it feels like it’s all confusing and complicated and overwhelming. It feels like we need X or we need Y or Q or M to succeed. But really it’s a series of decisions followed by a heck of a lot of energy and work and emotion and determination.

It’s really NOT rocket science. And you don’t need an advanced degree in differential calculus or theoretical physics to make your business a success.

If it feels like rocket science, so difficult that we just get stuck and want to give up, that means we’re not taking the right approach, and we need to adjust our perspective and find the right resources, or a mentor or coach to work with. It’s okay if it feels that way for you, I’ve been there too. But I promise, a little shift in your thinking and it doesn’t have to feel that way.

Don’t think “I can’t do this!” — think “How can I do this?”

Don’t believe me? Are you sitting there thinking, “Yes, but Michelle thinks it’s easy because she has has technical skills, she types fast, she can write, she’s got an audience, she has a popular blog, she hosts teleseminars…” or whatever you think about me?

Baloney! And don’t confuse simple with easy. Simple means there’s a step by step we can follow to make it happen, not that it’s easy or quick.

I type fast because I’ve put years into acquiring that skill. I’ve learned to write by reading lots of great writers. My blog gets traffic because I put in the time and I put in the effort to make it happen.

My technical skills? Learned ’em the old fashioned way–one “how to” book at a time.

Teaching? Scares the daylights out of me, and I get so nervous I nearly puke before every teleseminar or webinar I present. Yeah, really. My coach could tell you some stories of my panicky calls to her. But I’ve made the decision to push through that, because how the heck can I help you if I don’t get over myself and just make it happen?

And you CAN do the same thing (minus the puking part–you don’t have to do that).

Here’s some things you might be interested in knowing about me:

  • I don’t have a college education. My family couldn’t afford it and I was afraid to accept the scholarships I’d won because I wasn’t sure if it was okay for me to want to go to college (yes, I still regret that to this day and I realize that was some messed up thinking).
  • I’d never worked a “real” job other than being a waitress, espresso barista, and drug store clerk (glamorous, right?). No corporate or office experience.
  • I can’t program a VCR, or fix my own computer. The internet is the only technology I really “get” because I study it constantly.
  • In most social situations I’m one of the shyest people in the room and it took me serious focus just to get myself into the room to begin with.
  • I’ve had all sorts of bad experiences in life that caused mindset problems I’ve had to work through… from being beat up on the playground in Kindergarten because I was a white kid, to once getting stuck in an escalator, to walking away from things that I loved including drama, debate, and anything public because I thought God wanted it (now I know better, and I truly believe that God designed us all to create, to shine and to make a difference in the lives of others).

And here’s what I know is true about you:

  • You’ve got your own list of garbage you’ve been through in life.
  • You’ve got your own list of reasons you can’t or shouldn’t succeed.
  • Life’s thrown tough things at you, and every day you’re probably fighting that little voice inside that tells you that you aren’t good enough or don’t deserve success or that someone else is better than you.

Which brings me to what I REALLY know about both of us and our businesses:

  • It doesn’t matter where we came from, what life’s thrown at us, what we don’t have, or who we’ve been in the past.
  • It only matters what we’re willing to do today, and tomorrow, and for the rest of our lives to create ourselves, our successful businesses and our futures.

Because business isn’t rocket science.

It’s very simple if we allow it to be.

It’s just one step at a time, we keep figuring things out, we keep pushing ahead and we focus on delivering value to our communities. We’ll make mistakes, but it’s all just a learning experience and we’ll keep doing better every time as long as we don’t allow anything to defeat us.

Run into a barrier? Stop and figure out how to get past it. Learn what you need to learn. Then keep going.

So there. Stop worrying about what you don’t have, or that you’re not smart enough or educated enough or whatever. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to succeed in business.

Or in the words of one of my favorite men in business, this post can be summed up as, “Screw it, let’s do it.” (Richard Branson)

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  1. I needed this post. I have been very discouraged lately.
    My daughter needed this too.
    We are both starting businesses and have been feeling mired in quicksand.

    1. I can understand that feeling completely. And I’m glad this post was an encouragement for you. I’ve found most of the time whatever I’m dealing with, I’m not alone. :) So, know that you’re in good company!
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Key to Success? Give More.My Profile

  2. That’s so great, you’ve summed up how i feel so much of the time, you totally do hit the nail on the head, thanks for this and
    screw it, let’s do it, fantastic mantra, that’s going on the fridge

    1. It’s definitely one that’s worth posting on a sticky note somewhere. Love that quote (and the book by the same title).
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Three Quick Ways to Build Your ListMy Profile

  3. Whether you are B2B or B2C, business is simply about people- providing what the other needs at a price to which the other does not object. The trick is to provide a better product/service with interactions that make the other go “wow”.
    Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A. recently posted… No More Needle Sticks?My Profile

    1. Agree 100%, Roy. And that’s the thing to focus on to succeed–filling that need and doing it with style.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Here’s Why Business Isn’t Rocket ScienceMy Profile

  4. Loved this post, Michelle. Your voice and style has adjusted a bit over the last few months. Don’t know if it’s just with the change in your site and focus, but I really like it and am so grateful you’re doing the work and encouraging others along the way. Way to go!
    Steve Rice recently posted… Making The Tough DecisionsMy Profile

  5. This is a great message, Michelle! And I know that so many of us relate on some level. But you are absolutely right. If we don’t push past those annoying little voices of doubt, pessimism, criticism and sometimes worse, un supportive voices, we really aren’t able to grow in whatever we are trying to build.

    Another thing I’m experiencing is those that don’t think they need to change what they are doing right now – or rather lack of. Yet they keep complaining how they have no sales or no clients … and keep asking for help. It seeems to be a pattern in some circles :( it makes no sense and I can’t beat a dead horse. Its even more frustrating when I ask if they acted on my advice, and they haven’t. UGH … so frustrating. But there are those that do take my advice and SHINE! That just makes all that frustration go away :)

  6. Thank you so much for sharing. I so needed it.

  7. Great perspective. We all have things we perceive as limitations and stories about our pasts. It’s up to us if we let them control us. The beauty with business or other endeavors is that all we have to do is take one or two steps and we will get guidance that lets us know if we are headed the right direction. We just have to be willing to take those initial steps. Thanks again Michelle.
    Linda Luke recently posted… Change Your Life with this Powerful QuestionMy Profile

  8. One’s qualifications are immaterial.
    As a small business owner if you can provide an experience for your targeted clients that far outshines anybody else’s, then you will be a success.
    And the bit that is not rocket science is that it takes hard work and perseverance.
    James Debono recently posted… Online Marketing Web Page Copywriting – 8 Tips to Make an ImpactMy Profile

  9. The very BEST and most poignant read of the day!

    Thanks, Michelle. :)
    Melanie Kissell recently posted… Put the Right Lure In Front of the Right FishMy Profile

  10. So glad you realised you are meant to shine and make a difference in other people’s lives Michelle.
    Thanks for your timely post. Just love the Richard Branson quote :-)
    Heather Bestel recently posted… Welcome ~ Be inspired to achieve your dreamsMy Profile

  11. love ya michelle
    and thanks for this post.

    not rocket science but confusing most times – by the moment – and kind of a fight – hopefully i will be the winner in this fight.

    so happy that i can be your student!
    you have a very lovely and patient way of teaching people :)
    helen bogun recently posted… Chocolate for my Sweetie …My Profile

  12. Right on Michelle!! We can choose how we want to be..TODAY!! Shoot for the moon! GO FOR IT!! Great post. Thanks!
    Julie Henderson recently posted… 3 WAYS TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND BUSINESSMy Profile

  13. Michelle, you are always an inspiration. I”m going to share this post with 3 folks I had calls with today. I know it will resonate with them as well.
    As always, thanks for your awesomeness.
    Debra Jason recently posted… 10 Prospecting Insights to Inspire YouMy Profile

  14. Great post … funny you should quote Richard Branson, I have been talking about him with my son. I think this is going to be one of your popular posts because on so many levels most of us can relate to one or more of your experiences. I just got off a tele-class and I always feel a dread doing them but I do not like feeling fearful and the thing I fear the most, is the thing I will do. As with most things we fear – I did the call and I am smiling because it was, as usual, an amazing experience. We all have our stories … yawn, yawn, however, there comes a time when we need to accept that we are the director and producer of our lives – is it going to be a hit or a flop?

    Thanks for another awesome post. You do not spew theories, you actually do what you teach. This posts falls under 2 categories: share your success and share your failures.

    Congratulations for growing into YOU!
    Adalia John recently posted… Encouraging Empowering Motivational Quotes by WomenMy Profile

  15. Hi Michelle,

    Teaching is definitely something where so many people would benefit in hearing from you – share all that knowledge you have!

    I can’t wait to learn more from you!

    Thank you in advance :)
    Christine Brady recently posted… 5 Ways to Make Your Comments Stand Out From the RestMy Profile

  16. Great point discuss with us.Its very useful for me. thank you for it sharing.
    abhinav recently posted… Wondershare Video Converter UltimateMy Profile

  17. Michelle,

    Thank you so much for revealing some of your painful experiences and things about yourself that may surprise many. You are so right that we all have garbage in our past due to flawed thinking, mistaken upbringing and success blocks. I’m so grateful for successful people like you who have stared fear in the face and pushed past it.

    You are what the world needs more of. We are drawn to you because we resonate with your determination and willingness to work for what you want.

    Keep up the fantastic work. You may hesitate to think of it as teaching, but sharing is teaching, and you are doing just that.
    Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D. recently posted… Writers, Is Pinterest in Your Marketing Bag?My Profile

  18. Thank you for this open, honest, and inspiring post Michelle! Your transparency is refreshing and is so helpful in displaying how to push through and overcome our fears. I’m thrilled to be a part of your community, and to soak up your knowledge. Thank you for being dedicated to helping others shine!

  19. Thanks, Michelle.
    Managing a business isn’t rocket science, I agree, and as you say, I think the more we understand, the better we’re likely to do.

    Nevertheless, I think that most of us are clever enough to do a good job at most things that require just plain common sense. Life in general, especially managing most businesses, don’t require very, very specialized training.

    We humans have survived thousands of years, now, despite having no Operator’s Manual.
    Robbie Schlosser recently posted… Break the Rules for Wedding and Party MusicMy Profile

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