1. Thanks for this info graphic Michelle, to be honest when I got started online I considered blogging a such a headache. But I realize now what a opportunity blogging can be if you do it consistently. as I have already started to get some positive feedback on my blog posts and it can only get better….
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  2. Hi Michelle,

    Great infografic!

    Blogging certainly is a powerful tool but it does takes time and persistence.

    If I could start again I think I would of researched more on how to write better. My early posts are pretty basic. Although my content is super charged now, I wish I had started this good from the start.


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  3. You’re awesome! Love the infographic presentation. I know I’m a little late in the game here, but I just found your blog. However, you give some excellent advice especially for newbies like me who want to increase traffic towards their blog or website. Thanks!

  4. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for sharing the infographic.

    It’s totally loaded with cool facts about blogging which used to be a real pain to do until Kalatu and your 21 Day Blogging Challenge.

    Thanks for all you do and thanks for making blogging fun!

  5. This is such a value packed post thank you Michelle . I started off blogging without the right tools and after this .. I. Well on the way . Thanks so much .

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