1. I don’t believe you’ve left any stones unturned, Michelle. Thanks! I’ve been focusing on affiliate marketing and I don’t yet have any of my own products to sell … but I will. So getting a handle on all my options now is perfect timing for me.

    I think I may start out with e-junkie since it fits comfortably into my marketing budget and I will be developing downloadable digital products. Looks like a really sensible choice.


    1. e-junkie rocks, Melanie. I used it before I switched to amember, and I still prefer how much easier e-junkie was, and how simple it made checkout/download for customers. You might try googling for a coupon code – they often offer ones that get you 90 days free. I think CRAFTBOOM was valid last time I checked. :)

  2. Michelle-

    Thank you for this article. As a newbie, I am familiar with paypal which is easy to setup. Right now, I have no products created yet. Once, I do I will be armed and ready with all the information you just provided. I will definitely check out e-junkie. Need something that is simple and not so complicated.
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    1. Do check out e-junkie – you’ll find it works great with PayPal.

  3. I’ve been using Pay Pal and have found it to be excellent. However, as my business increased and I have more money coming in… I will consider changing to something I have more control over.

    Pay Pal has been known to shut down merchants and freeze their assets if an increase of money comes into your account all at once. (Perhaps your had an outstanding product launch) If you anticipate a large increase of money coming into Pay Pal, for any reason, contact them in advance so your money will not be frozen.

    1. Very good warning, and it does happen. I have both a PayPal business account and a regular merchant account so a crisis with either one wouldn’t end my ability to accept payment online. As soon as I hit the point where it made sense I added the merchant account (those gateway, per transaction, statement, and other fees can add up for sure).

  4. Thanks for the great overview Michelle! I’m currently using PayPal, but have looked into E-Junkie as well. PayPal works great if you just have a couple things you want to sell. E-Junkie is an awesome option too, but one thing to remember is that E-Junkie doesn’t do “subscription” or “recurring payments”. So if you want a monthly membership site or want to offer a payment plan, you’ll need to use an option other than E-Junkie. I’m hoping they add that functionality — as I’ll sign up with them immediately if they do!
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    1. Excellent reminder. Subscription/membership sites are a whole ‘nother ball of wax and do require specialized setups. (Like Wishlist… which anyone interested in should go to http://www.myfabulousva.com to have setup for them!)

  5. Thank you so much Michelle!

    1. You’re welcome, Nancy!

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