How to Change Your Twitter Username

A few days ago I changed my Twitter username from @SmallBizMuse to @MichelleShaeffr I’ve had several people asked me how I did it so here’s the scoop.

First, things to know:

  • You can have more than one Twitter account, but each requires a separate email address.
  • When you change Twitter usernames your followers/following/tweets will stay connected to you and your new username.
  • Your old username will be available for registration as soon as you change to your new one.

Here’s the step by step:

  • Login to your Twitter account
  • Go to your “Settings” page
  • On the “Account” page, look for the Username box

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  • Change it what you’d like your username to be and Twitter will confirm that it’s available (or not)
  • When you find one that’s available that you want, put it in that username box then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Save” button
  • Now  log out of your Twitter account
  • Go to the home page and create a new account right away using your old username but with a different email address
  • Tweet something from this new account in your old username like: “I’ve moved to @MichelleShaeffr please connect with me there!”
  • That’s it!

Here’s more info from Twitter:

As for the why, it was something I’ve been wanting to do for a while to come in line with my changes here on the blog and elsewhere (branding my name more than my former tag line).  I couldn’t find a variation on my own name that I liked though so I’d been dragging my feet.  I finally decided on MichelleShaeffr (I dropped out the “e” as my full name is one letter too long for Twitter’s limits).  And since I knew I’d do it eventually I decided sooner was better than later and I might as well get it over with.

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  1. An alternative method is to let your last post under the old name be the I’ve changed, go follow me here–and THEN do the change. Of course, the danger is that someone else can grab the name, so your way is probably better.
    Shel Horowitz recently posted… Slashing the Energy Consumption of the Next Generation SupercomputersMy Profile

    1. That’d work, too. I was probably more worried than I needed to be about the previous username disappearing before I could grab it – I actually had two windows open and the form filled in to register my old one before I switched to the new one. Hit the save button to switch then the register button to grab the old one.

  2. Thats an interesting post, I didn’t know that its possible to change usernames and keep the followers. I’m sure many people will change from xyz to their actual names to brand their identities.

    1. Yes, I’m glad Twitter makes it easy to switch without losing followers/tweets. Many services don’t make it so simple.

  3. I really like the service of changing username of Twitter, I think you can also do that with facebook?

    1. Facebook just recently started allowing a way to change page names, on a limited group of pages depending on how many fans and how new the pages are. I hope eventually they’ll give us more control over that.

  4. Hi Michelle
    Came here from your RT of my quote on Twitter. Nice content! I really like you letting your readers know the reading time up front! About a year ago I changed my user name too. I have about 35000 followers and I would say there was a drop off in RT’s etc for quite a while while my followers got used to my new name. In retrospect If I did it again I would tweet more using my @oldname and that I had changed, maybe part of a morning greeting for a while. (month or so)
    Glenn recently posted… National Entrepreneurs DayMy Profile

    1. Good tip! I’ll have to look at doing that since I’ve got the old username, too. I did realize after a few days people were messaging me at the old one so that’s something to keep in mind, too. Thanks, Glenn, and it’s nice to “meet” you here. :)

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