How to Create Instant Change in Life & Business

Who says you can’t create change quickly?  Even instantly?

Not happy, make a different choice right now.

Not getting the result you want in business, decide to get the help you want right now.

It’s all one decision away.

Make a different decision right now.  And you’ll see a different result begin to happen immediately.  

It may take a few hours, a few days, a few weeks to achieve your new goal, but the progress begins the moment you make the decision.

Fitness has taught me so much about myself and about business over the last few years… If you’re determined and focused you CAN create change quickly.

The photos above are 12 days ago vs today progress towards my fitness goals. I can see the progress.

And I wasn’t perfect on workouts or macros. But I’m working to get it mostly right and keep improving.

You’ve just got to make a decision, create a plan (and do your research or get help) and then take action.

Because you can do anything you set your mind to.

Am I there yet?


But am I getting closer and staying committed to my goals?


Keep your eyes open and celebrate the small victories, the little bits of progress, the signs you’re getting closer…

And don’t give up on yourself or your goals! Period.

Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed of where you started from.

When I share about my journey to lose weight and get healthy, I always get messages “why would you post that?!” Or if I share where I’ve made mistakes and failed in business, people ask me “how could you admit you failed at (insert failure here)?”

Because it’s the truth and I’m okay with sharing it – I know others can be encouraged and inspired and motivated when I share openly.

We all start somewhere.

We all fail sometimes.

Life is about knowing you might fail but going for it anyway.

It’s about learning how to create a safety net for yourself so you can fail and try again.

Failure isn’t final, it’s the courage to get back up and keep fighting that makes all the difference.

What’s one thing in your life or your business, that you are ready to make the decision to change?

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