How to Get Noticed by Influential People

One tweet or email from someone with INFLUENCE can skyrocket your blog traffic overnight…

So how exactly do you get noticed by those who already have  influence and a platform to reach the audience you’re working to get in front of?

Check out the tips in this infographic.  It breaks down the same strategies I’ve used successfully to get noticed and create relationships with influential people in my own niche.  It works.



Have you tried any of these strategies?  What’s working for you?

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  1. Hmm Great !! Nice information keep it up
    Karamjit Singh recently posted… Happy New Year 2015 Wishes in Hindi – Sms, Quotes (32 ++)My Profile

  2. Hi Michelle,

    I really like this infographic. It is straight to the point. These are simple strategies that I can refer back to when I’m networking online and trying to stand out. I have pinned this and will be referring to it often. Also, I’ve never posted an infographic on my blog before but doing something like what you’ve just shared here will help me change it up a bit. Thanks!!
    Geniece Brown recently posted… How To Craft Email Campaigns That Actually Get ResponsesMy Profile

  3. I have tried some of these which definitely works and helps. I just finished a news segment with a local anchor using the methods above so keep plugging away, be SINCERE and genuine and build those relationships. Don’t always worry about what you will get out of an engagement or interaction short term. It’s the long term effects that you want. Stay relevant and engaged and the “love” will be reciprocated.
    Diatta recently posted… How To Lose Weight Without ExerciseMy Profile

  4. When influencers are really cool content creators it is very easy to go for #1 as you genuinely want to share what they write about and of course #3 comes naturally too. :)
    I like up and coming talent, it´s a joy to see them bloom.
    Paula – Buenos Aires recently posted… My month in numbers: November 2014 recapMy Profile

  5. All very true. I am actually in the middle of a series about this very topic in my own newsletter.
    Shel Horowitz–Green Marketer recently posted… Wake Up Laughing Ebook (free gift from Swami Beyondananda)My Profile

  6. Hi Michelle,

    I really like the info about ’emerging influences’ – I’ve never thought of that!


    Naomi recently posted… 18 Guaranteed Ways to Stay Productive and Focused on Your Business StartUpMy Profile

  7. What an excellent and highly informative post Michelle!

    And while I like all of the tips, clearly # one is loaded full with several
    pro-active strategies, that should certainly make it a whole easier to
    get noticed by the movers and shakers!

    This post could just as easily have been (and probably) should be a powerful seven day opt in email book camp series!

    Because there is more than enough here to move anybody off center really quickly!

    And start producing some for of bankable results fairly quickly!

    Thanks so much for sharing it!
    Mark recently posted… Why You Might Want To Seriously Consider Hiring A Lion Tamer As Your Next Marketing Consultant!Part TwoMy Profile

  8. I love #5. Sometimes, I know I am guilty of this too, we focus too much on the A-List people and we want to know them so bad that we miss out on really meaningful relationships with peers that are starting to emerge on their own.
    Great list!
    Kaileigh recently posted… I’ve Become a Crazy Dog LadyMy Profile

  9. Thanks for sharing..! this is nice tips about get noticed by other, but I love the most are #2 #3. Well, creative and quality content are the most important to get noticed because other love content.

    Then, learning about interactive with other people in area of interest is great dial for this issued – to spend sometimes for comment other blog and response to their blog comment is great idea. I love.

    Marry Christmas..! :)
    Kimsea Sok recently posted… Complete SEO Writing Tips and Tricks for Better ContentMy Profile

  10. Hello, Michelle. Great information and some reminders too. I find you never know who’s paying attention to your newsletter, ads, or attending business network events. Another way, is getting involved as a community collaborator. In 2012 a women’s business organization selected me as their Entrepreneur of the Year Award. I had no idea anybody was looking at my business, until they contacted me for nomination information.

    Now that my parent company has added very high end product to the line, I’m back at it looking for high end business owners or buyers to enhance their foyer corners, hallways, or any space calling out for a high end piece. That’s what I will be doing in 2015.

    I think it’s easier to obtain influencers if you have a goal in mind first. Then that creates a purpose in your conversations. It also helps to save a lot time because your goal will guide you on who to contact or who to talk to at events,etc.

    Your timing on sharing this information was spot on. Thank you again for sharing. Take care. Happy New Year! Rosella Young, AA-1 Designs, Invest in your shelf!

  11. Hello, Michelle. Thank you for sharing great information and reminders too. I also find that being a community collaborator gets you noticed.

    You never know who’s paying attention to your newsletter, ads, or attending networking events. In 2012 a women’s business organization selected me as their Entrepreneur of the Year Award. I had no idea anyone cared about what I was doing until they called me for some nomination formation.

    My parent company added very high-end products to the line. My goal in 2015 is to find very high-end business owners or buyers who has a foyer, hallway, deck, garden, entryway, etc. that’s calling for a high-end piece to complete a statement or updated decor.

    It’s easier to find infuencers when you have a goal. It saves a lot of time when contacting people or talking to people at networking events. The goal provides purpose in your conversations.

    The timing on your information is right on. I will use it as a reference point along the way.

    Thank you again. I appreciate your insightfulness. Happy New Year! Rosella Young, AA-1 Designs, Invest in your shelf!

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