How to Get People to Unsubscribe From Your List–Quickly!

Here’s exactly how to get your subscribers to hit “unsubscribe” (and maybe even SPAM) super quick!

That’s what you’re after, right? ;)

Cool.  Just do everything under the DON’T list below…

Or, if you’d like to keep your readers and love your subscribers then take a look through the infographic and see what you might want to reconsider or adjust so they stick around.

And, before you email me or get crazy in the comments, I don’t agree with every single thing in this infographic (I’ve been known to say “last chance” in a subject line and I’m still learning about how to best segment my own lists) but it’s the spirit and the idea…

Always, always, always keep your READER in mind and as your top concern when you mail your list. 


Share in the comments…

What pushes YOU to click “unsubscribe” from an email list?

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  1. This info graphic was very helpful. Thanks!
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