How to Publish Your Articles on the Internet by Denise Willms

Note from Michelle: this article is a great overview of how to get started publishing your articles online!

Have you ever visited a website or blog and discovered the owner had published an article written by another business owner, along with a short biography of the author and a link to his or her website? You might have wondered how you could have someone publish an article you wrote and advertise your business like that for you.

It’s actually very easy to publish your articles on the Internet, and it’s free to do. If you’ve been sending articles out in your monthly newsletters or keeping them hidden in a folder on your computer, it might be time for you to consider publishing them on the Internet.

There are some important benefits to publishing your articles on the Internet. For one, there’s that momentary thrill you feel when you see your name in print. But these are even better:

– Publishing your articles online can bring more traffic to your website
– You can get more subscribers for your newsletter
– You’ll gain an Internet presence
– Publishing articles online can even help your website show up higher in the search engine results when people search for words related to your business

When you’re ready to publish your articles on the internet, here are three ways you can get started.

Publish the article on your own website or blog. To tell your visitors they can use your article on their websites and blogs too, add a copyright notice to the bottom of the article and include the words, “This article is free to reprint so long as you keep the author’s resource box intact and include an active link to this website.”

Submit your article to an article directory. To begin submitting your articles to directories like or, you’ll need to sign up for a free membership to their website then follow their guidelines for submitting your articles.

When your article is published on an article directory, website owners can find it and may choose to publish it on their sites. Article directories require publishers to include your author’s resource box, or bio, and a link to your website with your article.

Send your article directly to website owners.  Find a website or blog where you would like to have your article published. Look for one that publishes articles written by other authors and that your target market will frequent.

Then email the website owner to tell them about your article and inquire if they would be interested in publishing it. Most publishers will be glad you contacted them about your article because it saves them time having to find good articles on their own.

If you’re ready to start publishing your articles on the Internet, choose one of these methods, or even all three, and start publishing your articles online today.

Denise Willms is a ghostwriter and virtual assistant  for busy entrepreneurs.  To learn more about writing and publishing your articles on the Internet, visit her website at and download your free article marketing checklist.

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