How to Stay Motivated

A couple of weeks ago I was reading on Michele Scism’s blog and ran across a video with some great ideas about staying motivated. If you struggle with staying motivated, you’re not alone!

Here are some great suggestions from Adam Urbanski on how to keep yourself going when you hit those tough moments where you want to give up (or, turn off the computer and crawl behind your couch and hide…)

I pin up note cards on my bulletin board, and keep a folder on my computer that has screenshot images of nice things people say about me online or via email. It definitely helps on the challenging days. If you don’t have a “Fans Folder” or positivity file yet, you may like this post I wrote last year on how to create one to help you through those confidence crises we sometimes run into when we run our own businesses:

What do you do to stay motivated? Please share your tips in the comments!

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  1. This was such a great post! I love the idea of the Raving Fan Binder. I am so doing one!!

    One way that I stay motivated is to turn to music. I make playlist of inspirational songs that get me hyped up to win.

    Another way is to revisted something that worked realllly well for me in the past and do it again. It usually reminds me why I do what I do in the first place.

    The last thing, I do is go to my list of online support systems. Blogs, Groups, FB friends and check out what they are doing. I thrive off of the success of others.
    Ronda Stroud recently posted… Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of A Mentor!My Profile

    1. Great tips, Ronda! Thank you.

  2. What good ideas. My family keeps me motivated with encouraging words. My sister, Sheila, who also has an internet business keeps me moving forward by her daily phone calls. We share information and tips that help me move past the rough spots.

    I suggest online marketers find themselves a buddy. One they can call to get a tech question answered quickly.. share ideas with, and be encouraged by one another.

    1. A buddy is a great idea – having someone for support makes such a difference.

  3. The Fan Folder is a great idea.

    I have a code that I live by #5. Never need praise, approval or sympathy. We all like to win and the chance to share successes is very motivating.
    Sheila Atwood recently posted… Got Twitter? – But Just Don’t Get It?My Profile

    1. Good thoughts. Thanks, Shelia.

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