How to Write 42 Blog Posts in 1 Day

Sunday I wrote and scheduled 42 blog posts (3 for here, 1 guest post for another site, and 38 for my site at

Yes, I’ve been on the computer almost all day.  I started at like 8am and it’s now almost midnight.  Yes, I had lots of interruptions.  No, I don’t recommend trying to do 42 posts in one day.  I probably won’t do it again myself.

Not all of my posts are super quick, but this time I went for fast, 10-15 minutes or less each.  My main blog is a mix of short posts and longer posts, some of which take an hour or two (or longer) to write.  So I’m not advocating making your blog something you only spend 10 minutes on a day.  Just so we’re clear.  This is more a messy approach to fast content, when it’s needed.

But since I realized I’d managed to get 41 done and thought that was pretty cool, I thought I’d make it 42 posts and write one to share what helped me get them done fast:

Stay Super Focused

I wasn’t on Twitter.  Twitter is my kryptonite.  I didn’t surf the internet aimlessly for ideas.  I didn’t make 15 trips to the kitchen for snacks (just coffee).  I strapped myself in to my office chair and got to writing.

Write Fast

Don’t over think it.  Write fast.  It helps that I type something like 100 words per minute.  Other tips:

  • Just keep writing.  You can always edit later if you need to.
  • Don’t shoot for 1,000 or 1,500 words if you’re trying to knock posts out fast.
  • Don’t choose topics that require research.  Write what you already know.
  • Know where you find inspiration and use those resources to find ideas fast.
  • If you get stuck on one post, skip it, and move to the next idea.

Repurpose Your Work

Many of the posts were based on either drafts I had half written already, or other work I’d done (articles, ebooks, autoresponder series, etc).  It’s okay to reuse your work.  You wrote it, so use it however you want.

Share the Work of Others

In this particular batch, I didn’t do any YouTube or TED videos, or Ezine Articles, but generally when I’m aiming for fast I would.

Give Yourself an Editor

Proofreading matters.  But if you use Firefox or install the JetPack plugin with After the Deadline activated you can proofread much faster because it’ll catch your misspelled words and alert you.

Just Pick the First Photo that Works

I get lost on photo sites.  To get my posts done fast I limited myself to two photo websites and determined to use the first photo that could work.  No searching for perfect.  Instead of spending 15-20 minutes searching, I found photos in 1-2 minutes.

Know Your Why

What could possibly motivate me to get this many blog posts done in one day?  I’m heading away to a business event next week and I want to know my content is all set for from now until a few weeks after I get back because I know I’ll be super busy studying and then implementing.  I don’t want my fun project to die out while I’m focused on other things.

And for my content on this site, I wrote and scheduled three posts.  I’d rather have a week worth scheduled ahead like I usually do but I ran out of steam (I also got 23 emails to one of my lists scheduled–some of the same content).  My motivation for scheduling ahead here is that I know my weekdays get crazy busy with homeschooling and if I don’t write on the weekends I’m not as likely to get it done.  Next weekend I’ll work on getting more content scheduled ahead of time for this blog.  But not a month’s worth.  I’m ready for a break!

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  1. Michelle- I love these ideas! I especially like the one about picking the first photo that works. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who looks for the perfect picture! You’ve inspired me to write faster. Thanks for the motivation.
    Lisa Kanarek recently posted… Fail First and Succeed SecondMy Profile

    1. I’m so guilty of that, Lisa. The worst is when I write a post and get that perfect photo in my head. Then I find that apparently no photograph has had my “vision.” And an hour later… I give up searching for it (after visiting istockphoto, stockfresh, bigstockphoto, dreamstime…). LOL When I started writing up multiple posts at once I realized just how much time it was taking.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Create Perfect Free Images for Your Blog PostsMy Profile

      1. Oh, boy, can I relate to this!

        It’s almost liberating to have you admit “I get lost on photo sites.”

        I was so “afflicted” I decided I’m only heading to ONE photo site to look for something appropriate to enhance a post … period. Nothing over the top — nothing close to perfect — just appropriate.

        Thank you for helping this recovering perfectionist to recover a bit more. :)
        Melanie Kissell recently posted… Highly Successful Woman Entrepreneur Shops At The GoodwillMy Profile

        1. I have to chime in that I’m horrible about that, too. If I listen I can almost hear the time ticking away. I think it’s a compulsion. (lol) This is inspiration to do better. Thank you!
          Kelli Goldin recently posted… Ten Critical Activities to Grow Your Home BusinessMy Profile

  2. WOW! I could never write that many posts in a day! My typing speed is only 50 words per minute. That’s not a hindrance. The only thing standing in my way is to find 42 ideas to write about…and that’s why I visit your blog and other people’s blogs often.

    I like to write fewer posts, but quality posts. I consider quality before quantity and you can do both. That’s respectable.

    Have a great day

    David Verney recently posted… Ten Top Tips for New BloggersMy Profile

    1. I brainstorm a lot of ideas at once usually, and particular for the Daily Blogging Ideas site — it’s geared towards short posts of ideas.

      Quality *definitely* matters. I’ve gone weeks where I only post 2 or 3 new blogs here, and it’s because I’d rather publish something helpful than just publish so I can say I blogged that day. :) Better to do fewer posts of higher quality.

      Good tips in your top ten list in the CommentLuv link, David.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Create Perfect Free Images for Your Blog PostsMy Profile

  3. it feels so good to see you are a great blog marathonist, to me this would have sound incredible and impossible!

    if you can do it we can all do it!

    Is there a program that edits the syntax errors?
    English is my 3d language and I’d love to find a quick way to edit not only the spelling but the grammar mistakes too!

    Thanks for this post I have tweeted it!
    patricia recently posted… 5 Key Steps You can Take Now to Succeed in a Slow EconomyMy Profile

    1. Hey Patricia, you might look at the JetPack plugin. The After the Deadline editor will check spelling, grammar, and syntax. Very helpful.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Make Blogging Easier With a Weekly FeatureMy Profile

  4. Hi, Michelle!
    I’d say it is impossible to write 42 blog posts within 1 day…or maybe it is if you skip all meals and skip taking a shower? :) lol Just kidding-you are right, it can work out, my sister in fact wrote some 34 posts once….ok, I know that is lesser, but she only took one afternoon to do it and still had time to do other things during the day and commit to her daily activities. I guess it is all about being focused,as you say for yourself. If you are distracted with other things and activities, such as with TV, social media, text messaging etc…you might as well spend the whole day writing just one post and still have problems with it.
    Kristina L. recently posted… Urban Allotments Coupon CodeMy Profile

    1. I could stand to skip a few meals, personally… ;) But I snuck in meals since I had to cook for the kids anyway. 34 is awesome in an afternoon! It really is about being focused. So many things can distract us from that online (and in real life around us).
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Create Perfect Free Images for Your Blog PostsMy Profile

  5. Downright amazing, Michelle! Terrific tips too. I knew I had some drafts that I could finish so I just now looked. I was shocked! I have 33 draft posts. Thanks to you I now have a head start on a lot more posts. Funny how you don’t realize how many posts you don’t finish. LOL!
    Deb Augur recently posted… The State of the BlogosphereMy Profile

    1. Yep, those drafts really start to add up and just need a little attention to turn into awesome posts. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Chirp AnywayMy Profile

  6. Uhmm wow. You are a crazy lady. That would drive me to go bald in like, 1 day. :)

    But, you are living proof, that if you want something bad enough, you will make it happen – no matter what! :)
    Brock Blohm recently posted… I Guess It’s OK For NowMy Profile

    1. That’s the truth. When we want something bad enough, we’ll figure out how to make it happen. And thank you, I’ve always taken “crazy” as a compliment!
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How I Found My Blogging Magic–And How You Can Find Yours, Too!My Profile

  7. Michelle,
    Wow- super inspiring… I am going to go for it… if you can do it… I can do it too:) which is by the way a great mental attitude for tackling something one has never done:) Warmest, Sheri

  8. Hi Michelle,

    The more I follow your blog the more similar I see we are ;)

    Awesome stuff, and I use the same strategies to churn out content at a prolific pace. Keep your Why close to the vest, and keep on purpose. Shut all else out. Focus. When focused, you can do amazing things. I’ve shot 50 youtube videos in a day using similar strategies. Concentration gives you immense power, power you were not aware of when you weren’t fully concentrated.

    Write, and forget being perfect. Proof-read, but don’t nit pick. Put out quality work, but do not pore over it. A chief cause of failure is trying too hard, to do good. Simply do your best, put your full energy into the task at hand, and when done, move on. That’s it.

    Each post was practice for the next post….and the next post, and the next post. Proof read and edit, but do not become obsessed with proof-reading and editing. We want to here a message, and a consistent one at that, and seeing a type or mis-use infrequently only sways nit-pickers who are most likely unsuccessful, and arm chair quarterbacks ;)


    Ryan Biddulph recently posted… My Most Brutal Online Business LessonMy Profile

  9. I heard that you did this Michelle and while on Twitter this evening someone shared this post! Congrats to you girl! What an inspiration you are.

    Not to steal your thunder, but I was planning on doing 25 posts in the next 2 weeks (nothing in one day like you) so I am covered for over the holidays — that is my motivation. I remember last year it was hectic because of the holidays but also I was gearing up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge that began right after the new year – remember?!!

    So thank you Michelle it is just the motivation I need.
    Lynn Brown recently posted… Social Networking Sites and Online Sales Is There a Relationship?My Profile

  10. Wow! I’m impressed. Thank you for the ideas and the inspiration. My hat is off to you!
    Cynthia recently posted… Forgiveness and the Freedom of Letting GoMy Profile

  11. Michelle, love your spirit. And as I read the post throughout, I could feel the “speed” with which you wrote. I totally agree that although this could not be a regular trend, this is a brilliant idea when we really need to cover for times when we will be away!

    Thanks for sharing the “secrets”.

    Jane recently posted… Content Marketing: Success Strategies To Market Your BlogMy Profile

  12. Great blog and congrats. Love the pick the first photo that works tip…I, too, can get lost in photo sites searching for the perfect thing. One tool I use when I can’t find an actual representation is to go abstract and find something that reflects the feeling instead. That has helped me out of a tight spot more than once while wandering through photo land!
    Tambre Leighn/coaching by tambre recently posted… Behind the Mask of AngerMy Profile

  13. My self-editor is my worst enemy-in blogging and in my business writing service. I’ve gotten better at silencing the little bugger, but still struggle with it. It definitely slows things down.

    You are my hero, Michelle. Want to guest post? LOL! :-D
    Cathy Miller recently posted… Cloud Computing: 3 Questions to Ask Before Taking OffMy Profile

  14. Awesomeness. Plain and simple. This post will encourage many to bump their levels (including me!). I love the way you laid a strategy out. It wasn’t luck:)
    Stay with the program and do the work.
    No distractions. Love it.
    Rob recently posted… Today Has Power Interview With Helen KellerMy Profile

  15. That’s commendable. I wonder its the hunger and motivation that keeps you going.
    Focused, Yes, I keep that point high on the list, that’s very important.

  16. Damn that is a LOT of articles! I just about write one a day as I find it hard to shift from idea to idea. Good on u! I’m gonna take these tips and try to have my own high post days now too. That’ll mean I’ll need to turn my phone off and be carefully control all other distractions that waste precious time
    sandip recently posted… CashNetUSAMy Profile

  17. Great graphic selection for you…ROCKET!! …you are a rockstar blogger Michele! Love your posts! You are an “overnight authority” already! Thanks for sharing your tips and strategies! You are an inspiration!
    Julie Henderson recently posted… NOT REACHING YOUR GOALS?My Profile

  18. That is amazing! I really wish I could do that many in one day. With four websites, I really need to try sometime and get ahead. I really like your blog by the way. Didn’t know about you before but found you via The Work at Home Woman. I’ll be following along from here on out — I love blogs about blogging.
    Anna recently posted… Five Best Options For Non-Phone Work at HomeMy Profile

  19. Oh my gosh Michelle (can you hear my excitement?)! I think I’ve got it! As I’ve followed you and your inspiring and educational blog posts I wondered if I’d ever be able to create blog posts as quickly and beneficial as you do (when I grow up I want to blog just like you :)). This morning I sat down to create 5 blog posts for this week…started on the first one and while typing it the idea for a second post came to me so I started typing it so I wouldn’t forget the idea (and still not completed the first) and while typing it the idea for my third post came and that one has actually has triggered my fourth already!

    Inbetween all that I thought of you! You, and your fabulous tips, ideas, and suggestions about blogging and had to take a moment to say thanks! Thanks for all your blog posts that not only educate me at the time I’m reading them but also trigger something inside me to become better and better. Do you realize how many people you affect? Just looking at the number of comments on every blog you post says you are making an impact on people’s lives! So the days you feel a little down and wonder if what you’re doing is really help…know this…it ABSOLUTELY IS!
    Rhonda Neely recently posted… My Ex Left Me Because She No Longer Had Any FeelingsMy Profile

  20. Jeepers Michelle – you certainly are an inspiring ‘no excuses’ kind of gal!!
    One thing that helps me is to jot down ideas as I have them – even if it’s only a word or two – before they get lost again in the daily muddle. I find that jotting down that germ of an idea, will then let it grow into a bigger idea over time.
    I love Rhonda’s observation that one post led her naturally to having the idea for the next one sparked off.
    Also I’m a great advocate of task batching, so you really get into the groove of one focused thing.

    You’re truly an inspiration during this challenge :-)

    Tanya Smith recently posted… Business Success Fundamentals – Enjoying the JourneyMy Profile

  21. Wow, Michelle, that’s a lot of posts. But it is refreshing to know that you can do it that way. Just keep writing and spend only 2 minutes selecting photos are the best tips for me. Thanks for sharing.
    Jeannette Koczela recently posted… By: adminMy Profile

  22. Michelle, looking for images sometimes takes me forever because I want to find the “perfect” one. Cool blog marathon day you had yourself there LOL

    You must have been pooped afterwards! :-)
    Kesha Brown recently posted… If You Had a Personal Theme Song, What Would It Be?My Profile

  23. now i think i have got to eight posts on my other blog but it took me half a day to get 42 in a day that is a record might be a worth look up in the guinss book of records
    kevin blumer recently posted… Dose your blog work in chrome and IEMy Profile

  24. Great tips! I’ll definitely give it a try. I can be a pretty prolific writer if I can resist distractions.

    And… I’m impressed with your blog. Great content, and look at all these comments – I’m soooo jealous :)

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