If You Could Ask One Question…

If you could sit down with a group of successful entrepreneurs and ask just one question, what would you ask?

Next week on this blog I’ll be starting a weekly series featuring an interview with an entrepreneur each week.  I’d love to know what your top questions are so I can make these interviews useful for you.

First question on my list has to be, “What motivated you to start your own business?”

After that, it’s up to you!

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  1. Good question you’ve asked there. I would ask, “What’s the biggest internal hurdle you’ve had to overcome to become successful?” I’m thinking I’ll get a mindset response. :)

    Can’t wait to read more!
    Lisbeth Tanz recently posted… Organizing for a Better BlogMy Profile

  2. I would love to send a question.
    “During your first year of business… How much did you invest in Marketing & why?”

    Good Luck! I am looking forward to following you.

  3. Curious about how successful entrepreneurs made the transition from “start up – working alone” to building a team. How did they decide when and how to start building a team?

    Thanks for the opportunity to ask, Michelle!
    Kate L Williams recently posted… Photography Entreprenuers Grow Small Business with Social MediaMy Profile

  4. In my experience it’s always best to DIY until a regular flow of income can be seen. Over confidence is the biggest killer of all start ups here in the UK. One or two good months doesn’t make a successful business, right? The expensive gadgets and accessories that aren’t really needed, should be forgotten about, flash cars and flashier lifestyles don’t work without lots of money, that’s why the recession began. Stick with the basics, the essentials & build a strong foundation. Hours too long? Hard luck, that’s what happens when your the boss. Family life suffering? Tough! It’s a choice and you’re doing it for them anyway. (or you should be) I was a casualty of the recession and reinvented myself & I’m loving life! It’s not been easy, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel! Positive mental attitude is essential and don’t run before you can walk! Simple stuff! (I’m following this blog now, feel free to reciprocate)
    Peter L Masters MCIM recently posted… It’s true- Social Media Marketing advocates Gen Y love traditional marketing… OK- sorry… they love Direct Mail!My Profile

  5. Hi Michelle,

    Freedom. Being free to work when I want. Being free to make however much money I want to make. Being free to be in charge.

    When I started working my home based opportunity I wanted to help others become free. I saw how powerfully one can live when they run their own home based opp, and I wanted to share this with as many people as possible.

    Thanks for asking!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted… Are You Laying Out Bread Crumbs with Your Network Marketing CampaignMy Profile

  6. Hi Michelle,

    What 5 steps do you take each day to grow your home based opportunity?

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted… Are You Laying Out Bread Crumbs with Your Network Marketing CampaignMy Profile

    1. Great question Ryan. I am with you on this one :)
      Diana recently posted… My Mess With Facebook Profile And PageMy Profile

  7. Dang, Lis, Cindy, and Kate took my questions :-)

    So let’s add this: How did you handle the work-life balance (especially if they had a full time job upon starting their business)

    Can’t wait to check out the interview series!
    Kesha recently posted… How Do People Perceive Your Website or BlogMy Profile

  8. How did you calculate the start-up cash you would need and did you it really cost you more?
    Roberta Budvietas recently posted… Dame Georgina Kirby says Business people “Follow Your Passion”My Profile

  9. How did you identify a niche that best represented your talent,skill, background and passion?
    Janette Fuller recently posted… The Thank You EconomyMy Profile

  10. What’s the one choice you made in marketing or promoting your business that is most responsible for your success?

    Hope that one gets answered…
    Jeanine Byers Hoag recently posted… Wardrobe Remix- Second Week FavoritesMy Profile

  11. Oh, boy, I better submit my question quick before someone else has a chance to ask it! :)

    “If you had only enough time to focus on ONE income stream, what would it be? Affiliate marketing? Info product creation? Email marketing? Article marketing? Teleseminars? Webinars? Fill-in-the-blank?”

    I can predict with one-hundred percent accuracy that your interviews are going to ROCK!
    Melanie Kissell recently posted… Even The Sharpest Knife Can’t Carve Its Own HandleMy Profile

  12. Series of one questions:
    to the aspirant: Where is your business plan and marketing plan?
    to the tyro (first year): When did you know you needed to modify your business plan?
    to the novice (1-3 y): What changes to your business plan made the most difference?
    to the rest: What kept you going to keep improving your company?

  13. VERY hard to narrow down to just one question. I have interst in knowing all of the answers to those that commented already but, would like to also mention curiosity in learning how we can change mind-sets that just because we work from home does not mean we are less professional or driven than the 9-5 cubical office professional.

  14. What a great idea Michelle! (and you have so many!)

    1) If you use systems in your business, what is the easiest and most efficient way to create them?

    2) What do you say to people who think that having a business means working ungodly hours, sacrificing everything else and struggle?

    I’ve done the latter and I became more successful when I stopped thinking like that and started working smarter.

    Thanks for sharing so much with all of us Michelle!


    Chrissy Caeliss recently posted… Welcome to my blog!My Profile

  15. The question I would like answered from other successful entrepreneurs is: How do you invest the money that you make? What is percentage of reinvesting into your business and into other revenue or investment vehicles?

    I ask this question because I know of and have read of some successful entrepreneurs knowing how to start and build a successful business, but they never planned beyond success. Their fortunes crumbled and some even into bankruptcy because the didn’t know how to manage the success!
    Lynn Brown recently posted… Make Money Online – The 2 Prong ApproachMy Profile

  16. When you are putting your all into a new business, how do you set boundaries between your personal life and your professional life?
    Lauren Huston recently posted… Charlie Sheen- What About Michael J Fox and Christopher ReeveMy Profile

  17. Aloha Michelle, this could be a challenging question, but a fair one. Would you be honest enough to encourage others to learn and enhance their abilities more so, besides trying to make instant cash and then find out the cash may get low and you may have to start over again, by learning more skills.

    I know most need cash instantly, but if you think about it most of us aren’t business people and never gone this way except thinking of it. So wouldn’t it be better to educate oneself than looking for instant gratification. Glad I came by and thanks for sharing. Mahalo, Lanikee.com :)

    PS..glad we are part of a cool Blogging Mastermind group. Come by and visit me sometime.
    Lani Kee – SMMT recently posted… Connecting Youtube Videos To Your Facebook Like PageMy Profile

  18. I would ask. “How do you keep your mind open to be creative for fresh ideas and problem solving and how do you set your moral boundaries whilst making money?”
    OK, so that’s like 3 questions in one. I guess I want valuable content in the reply!
    Marty recently posted… How to benefit your mind and bodyMy Profile

  19. BIG question for me:

    I’ve been at this eight months, and find that I spend so much time just thinking, learning, reading, and flip-flopping about my precise goals. It’s as if I’m processing something huge, yet I feel I may be wasting time. Is this something you went through, or did you know off the bat what you would do and how you would do it?

    Sorry it’s not direct! I’ll think on it and try to come up with a better way to ask. :)

    Great idea for this series!
    Paula Lee Bright recently posted… A Kitten Her Toy And of course Stephen ColbertMy Profile

    1. Hi Paula,

      I feel that way! My question related to this would be “How long did it take you to get to the success you wanted? What was your day or week like?
      Diana recently posted… My Mess With Facebook Profile And PageMy Profile

      1. There are just so many and varied ways to go! Good to know that I’m not alone in this feeling. Good to meet you, Diana. :D
        Paula Lee Bright recently posted… When a Dog Is Dying- Can We Ever Really PrepareMy Profile

  20. Thanks so much everyone! These are fantastic questions and I’m really looking forward to the answers from other entrepreneurs. :)
    Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… All-Seeing-Eye Down for RepairsMy Profile

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