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I had a thought the other day as I was applying my makeup.  If you’ve noticed my photo, I’m an Irish girl, white with freckles (that’s whiter than sour cream for you Weird Al fans).  And I live in Alaska where there’s limited sunshine in the winter.  So put that together and it means I go from pale in the summer to super pale in the winter.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but when I do it’s sort of on “auto-pilot” – powder, lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara, all done.  Apparently I’ve been a little TOO on auto-pilot as I noticed the other day my power didn’t at all match my skin!  Eeps!  I wonder how long I’d been using the wrong shade without noticing?  Time to go a few shades lighter (yes, to the lightest color I can find).

And that got to me to thinking about how it’s so easy to…go into that “auto-pilot” mode with other things in life.  Which habits and routines do we have that we keep just because we’re used to doing them, without taking time to notice if they’re really working for us?

I want to challenge you to take time out through your next few days to really notice what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.  Is it working for you?  Or are you just in a habit and not really noticing that it’s not a good fit?

Try changing up your schedule, menu, workout, or business day for a change of pace and to shake you out of that auto-pilot mode.  Switch that cup of coffee for tea.  Try salsa dancing instead of yoga.  Move yourself out of your comfort zone to see whether something else might be more fun or work better for you.

If something in your business annoys, frustrates or disappoints you when you take time to think about it, remember that it’s your business and you can change it!  Change your marketing strategies if you’re disappointed at not getting the results you want.  Change your policies if you need to.  If you find you’re working on a new project but it’s moving slower than my tortoise does, then set yourself a deadline and get moving!  No more auto-pilot!

If you’re a fan of worksheets, here’s one to help you review and evaluate your marketing strategies:

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