Is Business Really Kill or Be Killed?

Business doesn’t have to be cut-throat, kill or be killed, beat the competition at all costs. Thank goodness! I’d never survive in that kind of world. And I don’t believe in running a business that way. The great news is that business that care about their customers, their competition, and their planet can be successful!

I just found a great deal on Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green at Amazon and wanted to share it with my readers.  You can get the paperback or the Kindle edition for under $5.

I’ve worked with the primary author, Shel Horowitz, for about 10 years now. He’s an expert at marketing strategy and environmentalism. Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green approaches marketing a business from a different perspective than many of the marketing books out there. Instead of telling you how to crush your competition, you’ll find ways to work together with the “opposition” and build a better business through it. And instead of putting profits above all else, you’ll find that taking a strictly ethical and responsible position in everything you do can actually cut costs and help you grow your business. “Green” isn’t just a marketing tactic or buzz word to throw at customers. It’s a better perspective on how to run your business from the little choices to the big ones.

It’s also full of practical info you can use to improve your business skills, like copy writing basics, media publicity, social networking tips, and even how to get paid to do your own marketing.

And, once you own the book, you can register at you can register for a package of bonuses, including one contributed by me.

There’s a great little promo video on the book’s website, watch the clip, then go buy it.  It’s more than worth the $5.

Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green at Amazon

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