Is Guest Blogging Really Worth It?

One quick way to get noticed by your ideal readers is to get in front of them on blogs they’re already reading by being a guest blogger.

Here are 8 benefits of smart guest blogging:

 9 Benefits of Guest Blogging for SEO [infographic] - An Infographic from Big Oak SEO BlogEmbedded from Big Oak SEO Blog

Your Turn!  Let’s Discuss…

What’s been your experience with guest blogging?

Has it worked for you?

Do you enjoy hosting posts written by other bloggers on your own blog?

What challenges have you run into with it?

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  1. I currently write guest posts for A-list blogs including Marketo,, Lattice Engines, Jeff Shore and Thanks for confirming I’m doing the right thing.

    Jeff Ogden, President
    Find New Customers

    1. Hey Jeff, that’s awesome. And I’d bet your results also confirm you’re doing the right thing. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Zap Blogger Burnout and Get Your Mojo BackMy Profile

  2. I always wondered about guest posts. This has given me something to think about. Thanks for the information.
    Suzy recently posted… UBC Day 11 True HappinessMy Profile

    1. Hey Suzy, they’re really a great way to get out there and build connections in the blogging world, as well as find your audience.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Make 82% of Clients Happier (and Get 77% More Leads) #infographicMy Profile

  3. I love guest posting and been lucky enough to be accepted as a guest bloggers on awesome blogs like yours Michelle! I has absolutely been extremely helpful in helping grow my visibility online :)
    Delia recently posted… How to create quotes images with QuotesCoverMy Profile

  4. I’m always happy to be a guest on a colleague’s blog or have a colleague be a guest on mine.

    The one thing that I avoid are those people who email asking to be guest bloggers, but I don’t know them (and they weren’t referred by anyone). When I ask them for references or a web site I can review of theirs, they don’t have one. In those cases, I thank them for their interest and move on. Just curious, have you had that experience?
    Debra Jason recently posted… 25 Little-Known Facts About Me After 25 Years in BusinessMy Profile

  5. I have both blogged as a guest and had guest bloggers on mine so have seen the benefits.
    jackie recently posted… January 11th. Resolution update.My Profile

  6. I’ve written guest posts that have rewarded me with all the points above, Michelle, and also the “rebound” effect: they’ll get re-posted at another time by the blogger (now my friend!) and then I’ll get a secondary bump of views and likes and so forth. Kind of a bonus! It has totally been worth it, in my case. Hey, I like your graphics here, Michelle. Very fun!!
    Amy recently posted… SaturdayingMy Profile

  7. I’ve done a fair amount of guest blogging. When it\’s on a blog that reaches a similar targeted audience to mine, I get great feedback. Oddly enough, I got very little noticeable impact from blogging at either FastCompany or Examiner–both of which I did for about two years each–other than a couple of more credentials to impress people with ;-).
    ShelHorowitz GreenMarketingExpert recently posted… About Shel/BlogMy Profile

  8. I have been thinking about guest blogging and you confirmed. Now…. to get started. Thank you for your post and great information.
    Carol Graham recently posted… How Do You Define Yourself?My Profile

  9. What a great post Michelle, I believe that writing guest post is an integral part of the blogging sphere as is publishing them on the blog. We love having people guesting for us and find it draws in a big crowd, driving traffic to the site and increasing followers and likes on FB and Twitter respectively.
    Anita-Clare Field recently posted… Happily Ever Afters – Turron Parfait with Cognac Chocolate SauceMy Profile

  10. Absolutely it’s worth it, as long as it’s a blog that has some traffic and ranking. If it’s a no-name blog with little traffic, probably a waste of time. I’ve been fortunate to be able to do some guest posting on a few blogs that have good rankings and traffic and it’s really helped with SEO.
    Mark recently posted… A Mortgage Pro’s Tips On How to Shop for Mortgage Rates And Get a Really Great DealMy Profile

  11. Hi Michelle,

    Another great info-graphic! They really make reading your posts enjoyable.

    Do you have any advice on how to improve your chances of being accepted for a guest post??


    Naomi recently posted… 5 Powerful Quotes to Cure Any ‘Sitting on the Fence’ Start-upMy Profile

  12. I have never submitted a guest blog post although I do know of some sites where I can start. It’s just a matter of me getting up the nerve to do it. Some have approached me – as I have several blogs – and I have been more than happy to present their Guest Blog posts. What pleased me was the fact that they thought my blogs worthy enough to display their names and links at my websites. Love this infographic. I will be sharing it.
    Treathyl FOX recently posted… I Heart Thomas JeffersonMy Profile

  13. Yes. Guest blogging is definitely worth it!
    Gwenn Panny recently posted… Read The ArticleMy Profile

  14. No matter what blogging platform you use, always encourage guest blogging. If you really want to earn big bucks and leverage your audience, subscribes, traffic and conversion rate, then open your door.

    Additionally, posting on a variety of sites, professionals can increase their exposure.

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social news site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  15. I think guest blogging is a great way to help grow your audience but also help the hosting blogger with creative content. It’s a win-win. I really have to add this to my marketing mix.
    Julie Ann Price recently posted… Looptail Book ReviewMy Profile

  16. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us,indeed you are right but new comers in guest blogging don’t get noticed and they don’t quickly get or there article get approved.they always comes up or end up with ignorance and frustration. so i say new bloggers should also be given equal chances.,liked your tips and ideas.
    Tafoor tariq recently posted… Rap Genius Is Back With Google After Exile For SEO StrategiesMy Profile

  17. As someone who gets bombarded by guest post requests (like many of my colleagues), I have now adjusted my guidelines to only accept guest posts from people I know. It’s sad that so much abuse has brought me to this stage. It wasn’t that long ago that I was a newbie to freelancing and I loved the idea of guest blogging.

    The people who have turned this into another form of spamming have ruined it for all bloggers. I am not alone in the frustration and have many of my colleagues have also stopped taking guest posts from people they don’t know. Some have stopped accepting them altogether. Sad.
    Cathy Miller recently posted… 5 Tips for Identifying Your Killer ClientMy Profile

  18. I agree there are benefits to guest blogging. I’ve never asked anyone to do a guest post. However, two bloggers graciously asked me to one.

    Surprisingly, the first request was made when I was a newcomer to the internet. I answered a question at the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur’s blog and she clicked on my link. The other was someone, (Colette WorkfmhomeDiva); I met when I first joined Facebook.

    There are four things I have yet to do on the internet – intentional guest blogging, videos, digital products, and write a book.

    I wonder which one I’ll do first. Hmm…
    Adalia John recently posted… 103 Positive Affirmations For EntrepreneursMy Profile

  19. Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways of driving traffic to your website. If done in the right way, it can help you in making your website popular among the Search Engines as well. Ever since the Google Panda update was introduced, it no longer remained possible for websites to gain authoritative inbound links from article directories.

    Matt Cutts also wrote a blog post few days back that it will no longer be a valid technique to build links.
    Noel Worli recently posted… Four Tips to Boost Your Blog’s TrafficMy Profile

  20. Thanks for sharing this infographic Michelle, networking with other bloggers is my favorite since it can help in many other ways…
    Kostas Chiotis recently posted… Powerful Tips for Building Beneficial Relationships Via Guest BloggingMy Profile

  21. Guest posts, something have been thinking about in the past, but will definitely do now. Thanks! Definitely worth it!
    Lynne recently posted… How to Be Your Best Fitness Coach?My Profile

  22. Guest blogging is dead, that what Matt Cutts says, but I do not believe him, because what is the point then, what is next, comments on blogs, article sites?
    Robert Antolin recently posted… http://www.isstrani.siMy Profile

  23. This is a great infographic Michelle. So many people have been turned off from guest blogging lately, but hopefully these reasons can make them see that it is worthwhile when approached properly.
    Kostas recently posted… Guest Blogging: Which Blogs You Should Target?My Profile

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