Is Passion the Key to Success in Business? Or a Sure Way to Fail?

I was sitting on a catamaran somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean when I had one of those interesting moments where life got me thinking.

It didn’t matter if there was a crowd in the room… or an audience of 5 with only 1 person distractedly paying attention…

The man in the lime shirt kept dancing his heart out…

Shaking his hips with energy that rivaled Shakira.

He had passion.

No question about it, he was doing what he loved and having fun doing it.

I sat there watching as he randomly “encouraged” passengers to get up and dance – and no matter how many politely (or less than politely) ran away, he didn’t give up.

For my daughter, he became one of the highlights of a day trip:

As I watched this interaction above it reminded me of one of my favorite quotes:

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman

This man was pursing something as his career that he was passionate about, and it was clear how happy he was.

So what about you and me?

Are we happy in our businesses?  Doing things that make us feel alive?

And, more importantly, is following your passion the way to a successful business?

Later today I’ll be joining some friends of mine on a live webcast to discuss this topic… because there’s MUCH more to it.

If you JUST follow your passion… that’s no guarantee of success (and it may even be what causes you to FAIL in your business!).

Join us here, totally free:

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  1. My passion is………..for some of us “Life: is our passion, overflowing with things we “Love” I am a Retired Executive Chef with a passion for great food with humble roots. I like to work with leather and make leather items, I love to wood carve. I really love to write on my two blogs, one about retirement life in Mexico (After a lifetime in the States it is part of a live long dream that I did not start until I was 70 years old) the other blog is called YourWholeFoodsChef and of course it is about a healthy life style that starts in your kitchen……I love, really love reading and research into subjects of interest, so but limited fiction….so where is my passion…I would not want to give one of those up for any reason

  2. Sorry the name got messed up in my comment, I use Chef William Chaney on my blogs but I could not see what I was typing so I re-typed over it.

  3. When the subject of “following your passion” came up in the first webinar, and what was said about it, I admit I was elated and relieved! “OMG Thank the Gods, I’m NOT the only one who thinks this way!” is what immediately came into my head!

    First, I’m gazillion-passionate — far beyond multi HAHA. I can make little bits of money on everything I enjoy doing and I have. But I am definitely looking forward to the next segment … time to hone in and grow the empire! :D

    PS … I’m so so glad you are back! You’ve been missed <3

  4. Well, it might not be an easy task to be successful with your passion,
    but passion is definitely worth the problems and obstacles, after all it gives us happiness
    and self satisfaction.

    Although, there is no guarantee for success,
    but If we are sincere with our passions, we will surely make it through.

    The secret works, if you believe in your passion, success will be yours one day.
    Chandni recently posted… NPCC Recruitment 2016 –50 Posts of Assistant Engineer (Civil)My Profile

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