Is Your Blog Wearing Camo? Take it Off!

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Camo’s great for soldiers and hunters.   Do you fall into either of those two categories when you’re blogging?  No?  Then take off that camo!

You don’t want your blog blend in to the web around it and be invisible. You’re not trying to hide from the enemy or that deer about to become your dinner.

It’s day three of my quest to take one action to improve my blog each day.  Today my action step is to submit my blog to the blog directories I’m not listed in yet, and to double check my current listings to make sure they’re up to date.

Why take time to do this?  Because I want to be found!

You’ve got to build links to your blog so people and search engine spiders can find you.  Here’s a list of 5 free directories you might want to get listed in.

Technorati: The first blog search engine, Technorati now indexes more than a million blogs.  They also track authority and influence so it’s an interesting way to watch your blog’s progress as you grow.  It takes a few days to get through their listing process.  First you sign up for an account, then you claim your blog.  Join here:

Best of the Web Blogs: This one’s human edited so you can submit free but it may take a while to get your listing added, if they choose to add it.  It’s worth a few minutes to submit and then just don’t obsess.  Here’s the free listing link:

Blogged: This site will rate, review and categorize your blog when you submit it.  Submit your blog here:

Blog Catalog: A social blog directory.  When you get listed here it’ll give you a page on their site that shows your most recent posts (they keep it updated by grabbing your RSS feed).  Submit your blog here:

Blog Flux: Free blogging community that includes tools/resources and a blog directory.  Join first, then you can submit your blog free.

Want more?  There’s a huge list at I won’t be taking time to submit my own blog to all of them.  I’d rather focus on other promotional strategies or interacting with my commenters and visiting their blogs.  But you might give the list a quick scan for directories in your niche or that fit well with your goals.

Tip: Find blog directories in your niche by searching Google for “keyword blog directory” like “small business blog directory”

Getting links from other sites can boost your search engine rankings and every link out there to your website is another doorway that someone can come walking through to find you.

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  2. What a great post Michelle! I had not thought about adding my blog to a blog directory. This be my first project for tomorrow.

    1. Glad this was helpful, Natalie. :)

  3. Thanks for reminding me about the blog directories, Michelle. Although I did submit my blog to a few directories way back when I started, I really neglected to do all these things during 2010. Getting my blog “out there” is one of the top priorities on my list this year. Although my unique visitor count is rising everyday, it is still not the audience for whom I am writing, so there are quite a few things on my list that I am going to do from now on to find the “right” people to visit my blog.

    1. That’s a good priority to have. :) And knowing your “right” people puts you ahead of the game, Elsie.

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  5. Great information! I’m just learning so much from you.
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  6. Ok, now a post explaining all the requirements for blog directories and how to do them well: meta tags and descriptions, reciprocal links, ????

  7. Thank you Michelle, Wonderful stuff you offer or those of us just learning to promote ourselves – not my best talent. thank you my friend. Namaste and peace be to you and yours.

  8. Thank you so much Michelle for this post. This is a great reminder that it takes more than consistently creating great content. You need a great pair of eyes to look at that great content. Thanks so much. :-)
    DTaRelle F. Tullis recently posted… Why Bouncing Babies Is Good For ThemMy Profile

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