It’s Really Simple – But We Make it Complicated

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Forget conflicted emotions. We let ourselves confuse things so much that what’s simple can become really complicated. All we’ve got to do is get to the point where we can make a decision that’s right for us.

A few days ago on Twitter I asked my connections what the best blog post they’d read or blogged themselves recently was. Tambre99 shared this post with me:

It hit me that some of what I’ve been letting feel so difficult really is as simple as she put it. What if today is the day…?  Should I be taking giant leaps instead of those careful, measured baby steps…?

I’m off to share my thoughts on the post over there, so come join me over there.

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  2. Tambre’s post is really a great read.

    I love the way she thinks and the way she approaches life. I only wish I was in a position to take the big leap “today”. My leap is going to have to wait for now but it’s certainly something wonderful to look forward to!
    Melanie Kissell recently posted… Sheila Atwood &amp Kathryn Griffiths- Special Premier “Internet Sisters” PostMy Profile

    1. Me, too. My leaps have not been from “job” to “entrepreneur” as much as mindset shifts and learning to put myself out there more.

      1. Michelle & Melanie…really enjoyed your comments and just posted replies. Melanie, I so love your take on my post…it can be negative thinking or limiting beliefs that hold you back, a relationship that drains you or a pattern that no longer serves you…mindset shifts from which you can generate new actions more in alignment with your new thinking. GREAT share and observation Michelle. Thanks for adding this to the dialogue…and Melanie I so appreciate your kind compliments.

        1. ooops…it’s late! Sorry I meant Michelle re: the take on my post about mindset shifts :)
          Tambre Leighn recently posted… After &amp Before Blog @ Re-Center- Re-Focus- Re-EnergizeMy Profile

          1. Totally understand. :)

            Thanks so much for sharing the post with me, your blog is packed full of great mindset tips and ah-ha moments.

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