Join Me? Out of My Head and Onto My Blog!

As I’ve been looking over my goals for 2011, one of them is to grow this blog so I can help more entrepreneurs and small business owners.  That will include not just working to reach more people but to better my own website and my blogging skills.

Why am I sharing this?  During January I’ll be participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge again (okay, and hosting it – transparency, transparency…) I already post almost every day so that part isn’t the biggest challenge for me.  My challenge this time is focusing on how I can deliver real value in each post.  I don’t want to post just so I’ve posted for the day.  I want to help you!

Since I need to focus on implementing my own advice (and great advice from others, of course!) and taking action on getting what I know out of my head and onto my blog, why not share it with you.  This means most days my posts will include the action step I took that day to build my blog or improve it in some way.  I might throw in a few fun posts along the way, too.

I’d love to have you join me both in the Ultimate Blog Challenge (sign up by clicking the link and registering on the Ultimate Blog Challenge website) and in working to better your own blog with some of the same steps.  If you’re interested, hit the subscribe box over there on the right side of the page so you get an email or rss alert when I post and you can take a quick peek to see if the day’s action step is something you want to do along with me.

Keep your eye on my blog over the next month… I’ve got good changes and actions on my list!

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  1. Looking forward to your tips Michelle! I have yet to move any of my blogs over to WordPress, but have always wanted the magazine style theme. The blog I signed up for this challenge, , I implemented a magazine style theme for blogger and I absolutely love it. Took some code tweaking, but I’m happy with the outcome! Can’t wait to see if there are some things I can implement from your tips.

    1. Nice job on the theme. It’s nice when we know enough code to tweak the themes ourselves. :)

      Most of my changes/tips will focus on things that any site can use (though I’ll probably suggest WordPress plugins along the way, I’ll try to share alternatives that work on any platform).

  2. I’ve already signed up! Its with a new blog of mine that I want to get it up and running.. :) But of course, need content, so the challenge will help with that. :)

    1. Definitely. It’s a great jumpstart to get content and traffic flowing. And, welcome!

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  4. Awesome! I will look forward to following along.

  5. I am signed up and cannot wait. These are always a great way to push me beyond what I think I can. (Thomas the train) It will also help with the 2011 Goals.
    Thanks for doing this again.

    1. “I think I can, I think I can… I can!” :)

  6. Hi Michelle, blog no.1 done – 30 to go! Am looking forward to being part of the challenge!

    1. Awesome!! Look forward to blogging with you.

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