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The brilliant Jeanette Cates (who put together the 30 day blog challenge I’ve been participating in this month) is now sponsoring a mini blog challenge between now and the end of June – 7 posts in 10 days.  Come on, give it a try!

You can sign up free by clicking that image on the left.

Why join in the blog challenge?  I can tell you why I’ve *loved* participating in the 30 day challenge.

First, it’s been a great motivation for me to focus on posting something every day (or, writing several articles on the weekends and scheduling them to show up daily).  Second, I’m making great connections with other bloggers.  Third, traffic and interaction on my blog has gone way up!  Have you noticed it’s buzzing around here lately?  Yep, #blog30 is why!

You might be thinking, that this type of challenge is easier for me because I provide information products and sharing “how to” type info in writing is my thing.  That helps.  But don’t think that you can’t post every day just because you run a different type of small business!

Here are seven ideas you can use for your blog posts if you create things (art, crafts, clothing, jewelry, etc):

  • Do a round up post of your favorite creations so far this year.
  • Feature a customer in a post showing a photo of them with an item you created and your thoughts on what you enjoy about creating that type of item.
  • Ask a friend or colleague to interview you about your business.
  • Create a “troubleshooting” guide for your type of products – take the top 5 frequent problems or challenges your customers have and share your tips on how to fix them.
  • Share a resource list of your favorite websites including the links and a little bit of why you like them.
  • Use photographs to offer a “behind the scenes” view of your studio or workspace, or your home town.
  • Play “Dear Abby…” and ask your friends and customers to send in questions for you to answer.  Posting on Twitter, Facebook, etc is a good way to get question ideas.

And there are so many other things you can post about!

So if the 30 day challenge felt like too much, that’s okay.  Try the 7 posts in 10 days one!  If you’d like, hit the comment box below after you’ve signed up and share your blog link with me.  I’ll be sure to jump over and leave you a comment or two as well as tweet and share your posts (as long as they’re family friendly).  :)

Go for it – gain some good traffic, motivation, confidence, and get your business and name out there!

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