Just ONE More Thing, Then I’ll Be Ready!

Do you think about growing and promoting your business, but stop yourself with the thought that you’ve got to get just *one* more thing into place before you can do that?

One more little thing you want to get perfect on that website before you start giving out the URL and going after business?

Either get it done or just go with it the way it is!  Your business, your products, your services, your website will constantly change and evolve – and may never be quite “perfect” to the standards in your head, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t ready to get out there and help people and serve them with your expertise or products!

I’ve got little post-it sticky notes all over my file cabinet and bulletin board with inspirational/motivational quotes and one of them is “Done is better than perfect” (Scott Allen).

Perfect would be great but no matter how many times we go over something, a typo may slip through.  One typo doesn’t spell disaster for an otherwise fantastic product or ebook!  If that graphic on your website isn’t positioned *exactly* perfect or you might want to try a different font in your logo, don’t let that stop you from launching your online presence.

Do you want to start a Twitter account, Facebook fan page, or attend a local networking meeting, but you haven’t because you aren’t sure exactly what to say?  Guess what – neither are many of the rest us.  Sure, there are those amazing people who’ve got it all together (but I bet they didn’t when they started).  You can create the perfect pitch but it disappears from your mind when you’re asked what you do (*hand waving* this happens to me!).  The only way to improve is to practice.  Get used to being uncomfortable and out of your comfort zone and deal with the possibility that you’ll make a mistake or embarrass yourself or someone will point out a typo or error somewhere.  You’ll do what’s right – you’ll fix it and move on.  It won’t be the end of your world or your business (unless you choose to allow it to be).

Here’s another one I’m focusing on lately:

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on
being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”
Anna Quindlen

So consider this a virtual kick in the pants for both you, my wonderful blog reader, and me!  Be yourself – help those you’re meant to help – and as long as you give the best you can, don’t let the endless pursuit of perfection get in your way, but rather go after becoming the very best “you” you can be.  Always aspire for more and better but keep creating, helping, and serving as you aspire.

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  1. Great advice, there will always be something else to do! I am constantly changing things on my web site it’s never ending. But when I decided to have my own site I gave myself plenty of time, no deadline to finish. I took a few months to work on it a little a time, then I picked a day to “launch” and stuck with it.
    .-= Karen’s last blog ..Custom Order ABC Camera Bag =-.

  2. Picking a day to just go for it/launch is a very good strategy. Sometimes we need that deadline not to get it “done” but just done “enough” to put it out there. Thanks for commenting.

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