Let’s Change Our Corner of the Business World Together

Yep, I’m calling in favors.  If you’ve found value and help in the resources I’ve been sharing on my blog, I’ve got a favor to ask.

Earlier this week I shared with you that I’m hosting a free webinar training next Tuesday, August 14th with Tony Tiefenbach about creating profitable partnerships called “The 7 Laws of Profitable Partnerships.”  It’s about how to do joint ventures, affiliate promotions, and other partnerships the right way so you can grow your business faster.

But it’s bigger than that.  Really, it’s about learning a new mindset, shifting your perspective, and getting out of the “competition” rat race to join in a collaborative approach to business.  It’s about giving, serving and reaching more people so we can all make a bigger difference.  It’s about sharing talents, resources, and relationships so that we as an industry can continue to make people better and create a much bigger impact.

And I need your help.  I know this training will be super valuable and can make a huge difference for the entrepreneurs and business owners who attend.

Teaching collaboration has a domino effect.  The more entrepreneurs and business owners who shift their perspective to building together, the more joint venture and partnership opportunities we can all create, and the faster we can all grow our businesses and have a bigger impact.

So here’s the favor I need from you:

Will you help us reach more people with this message?


Awesome.  I knew you’d want to help.

Here’s what to do next (choose any or all of the actions below):

Do make sure you’re signed up for the free training – http://jvprofitformula.com (I promise we’ll make it worth your time), then please…

1. Share the training with your friends on Facebook and Twitter:

Click here to tweet about it or click here to share on Facebook.

2. Re-pin our images on Pinterest – just visit my board and click to re-pin and share:

The 7 Laws of Profitable Partnerships

3. Share with your followers via email.  If you’ve got an email list of entrepreneurs, small business owners or others who’d be interested in this training, we’d be honored if you would consider sending out an email to let them know.  We’ll even give you the wording so all you need to do is copy and paste.  You’ll find the email under “Creatives” when you login to the affiliate area (we want to make sure you get credit for those you send our way!).

4. Blog about collaboration and building together.  Have you had great experiences working together with others to build your business in some way?  It’d make a great blog topic–show others how collaboration beats competition.  And share the link to this webinar so your readers can learn more!

Oh, and because Tony & I are also creating an entire workshop around this training, you can join our affiliate program and make some money if those you share this with decide to enroll.  We’re not going to do some crazy 30 minute high pressure sales pitch.  We’ll tell everyone about the program at the end of the call after we’ve given lots of resources, tips, and strategies you can put to work right away so you get value out of our time together.

Or you can just tweet or share on Facebook without joining the affiliate program.  That’s cool, too.

I appreciate that you cared enough to stick with me through this blog post.  If you choose to help us promote, I truly appreciate that as well.

And tomorrow I’ll be back to normal non-promotional posts.  I promise.  It’s all scheduled, ready to go, and full of great tips for using Pinterest better.  So stick around.

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  1. I agree totally … the age of competition in business is dead. I learned that Collaboration is the new way of doing business, from CEO Space, a couple of years ago. I’m confident your event is going to be successful. You’ve got my support.
    Adalia John recently posted… Five Ways to Overcome Blog RutMy Profile

    1. Thanks Adalia, I appreciate that. And I agree — everything’s been headed in that direction, I want to see it move faster! ;)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How To Use Pinterest Like a ProMy Profile

  2. Shared for you Michelle :-)
    Wade Balsdon recently posted… The missing ingredient in 90% of dietsMy Profile

    1. Thank you Wade, I appreciate it!
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How To Use Pinterest Like a ProMy Profile

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