Life & Business Are Like Surfing

Life has felt very much life surfing lately for me–waves crashing, just when I think I’m on top, water comes sweeping over… or curve balls… or monkey wrenches… whatever metaphor you like for when life changes the best laid plans.

It occurred to me that business is like that, too, when I made a comment that I was learning from watching one of the mentors I follow surfing through the “waves” of a challenge that came up over the weekend.

Actually it’s like surfing in a lot of ways — the learning curve, the dedication required, the enthusiasm to keep diving back in every time you wipe out…

If you’ve been hit by any waves lately, just jump back in and keep surfing.  We get a little better, a little braver, and conquer waves a little bigger every time we stick with it.

So what waves have you been surfing in business lately?

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  1. I have been surfing the waves of change. Change within myself as well as change in what my clients now want. It has been an interesting few months. I try never to make plans for this reason, I have intentions. With intentions I feel that the waves are easier to navigate. Lovely reminder that we all feel like this at times. Thank you.
    Kama recently posted… Comment on I am ready to take the next step … are you? by KamaMy Profile

    1. That’s an interesting thought – the subtle differences between plans and intentions. Worth thinking more about. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Life & Business Are Like SurfingMy Profile

    2. Short-term plans are not bad.
      Long-term… well, God laughs at them….

      Alertness and swiftness must be basic qualities for surfing, right? (not an athlete myself lol)
      Business is much like that too.

      Oh, let’s not forget — Practice (in surfing, in business, in life) brings perfection.
      Also — Practice widens the horizons, reveals new angles, nurtures imagination.
      Oh, and… — If it doesn’t kill you, it might make you stronger… ;)
      Helenee recently posted… Find A Good Writer updated Mon Aug 1 2011 3:29 am CDTMy Profile

      1. That’s one I remind myself of all the time… if it doesn’t kill you it’ll make you stronger. Somehow it helps get through those rough moments.

        I like how you put that — I’d imagine God does sometimes laugh when hearing our 5 or 10 year plans… :)

  2. A very nice analogy of working (surfing) with the challenges rather than against them. I have been feeling very “stretched” lately also, after setting myself up to read seven books in seven days. It all became a bit overwhelming at one point there. But I combated the overwhelm by adjusting my plan – I just read smaller books.
    Danny recently posted… A Guide To Personal Success And HappinessMy Profile

    1. That’s big goal, Danny. I need to stop back over and see which books you ended up with after my last visit.

      Adjusting as we go is key to being able to keep going and succeed.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Add a YouTube Video to Your Blog PostMy Profile

  3. The big wave that almost conquered me recently was a misunderstanding with my partner. We organize events and he took the last one a little too personal that I came to a point of questioning his judgments and decisions. I should have kept my mouth shut and put my self on his shoes but then the urge of keeping everything professional won over because it is our credibility that is at stake at the end of the day. Eventually, the event pushed through and turned out OK because both of us agreed to meet halfway and reached a compromise.
    Michiyo Duran recently posted… toys for angry birdsMy Profile

    1. It can be a challenge to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes but compromise is often key and I’m glad things worked out. Working with a partner takes a lot of flexibility and communication. Good for you for surfing through that and organizing a great event in spite of the waves. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Don’t Hold Your Content Hostage!My Profile

  4. I think you are totally right. But I understand in another way. Life has raise and fall. People have to adapt that to survive. Lol.
    SW BOX recently posted… Leak mentions August 31st launch date for T-Mobile’s BlackBerry Bold 9900My Profile

    1. Life does have it’s ups and downs. Very true, Sunny.

  5. There has been a lot of things that I have wanted to get done lately – and have been working long hours to make them happen. Busy bee. So I guess I have been ‘surfing the waves of time’. :)
    Brock Blohm recently posted… How To Spin Articles Like A Pro And Drive Lots Of Traffic To Your SiteMy Profile

    1. Time makes BIG waves… and then throws small ones in, too. :)

  6. I am new to internet marketing so I am being struck by lots of waves. I have discovered a great deal of information on blogs such as yours that have been very beneficial in getting past the waves. I have found that that carefully selecting the blogs that I participate in has provided as much great information as most training that I have been involved in. Thanks for the great information.
    Jeremiah Johnson recently posted… Samsonite Silhouette SpinnerMy Profile

    1. There are so many fantastic blogs, aren’t there? Anything we want to learn is out there waiting for us on the internet, just got to find the right source to learn from. :)

  7. As long as I can surf without being drowned in the water, I think I am doing quite ok. As you stated for yourself, it is a bit of wave here and a wave there, making us be stronger, hold our balance, sometimes being struck by waves. It’s an overall challenging issue.
    I like your analogy between business and surfing…it really is like that, there are many similarities and it is easy to recognize them. Many ups and downs to deal with…
    Kristina L. recently posted… Island Surf Coupon CodeMy Profile

    1. Yes, let’s avoid the drowning, for sure! :) Thanks for coming by and commenting, Kristina.

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