Make it a Collector’s Edition

My 9 year old recently purchased an XBox 360 “collector’s edition” game that was $30 more than the “plain” version of the same game.  The collector’s edition was packaged in a tin instead of plastic box, had some sort of bonus levels included, and came with a mini USB stick made to look like one of the game characters.  Worth $30 of his own money?  To him it was.

We pay more for “premium” or “exclusive” — how can you make that work for you?

What can you include in your physical or virtual products as a bonus to boost their value?  Or, what can you offer that’s a limited edition for only X number of buyers?

Whatever you’re selling, think about how you can add something extra to make it “collector’s edition” and make both your customers and your bank account happier.

Your Turn!  What premium products or packages have you purchased that you loved?   What bonus options have you seen that made you more likely to purchase an item?

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  1. Ohh you are sure to hit a sore spot with some readers. Even $30 is a lot to me, i can imagine how people feel if they spend even more and have buyers remorse later.

    1- How about premium items/amenities when purchasing a car.
    2 – Premium service for your cell-phone (extra minutes, extra data).
    3 – Extra channels on your cable/dish.
    4 – Upgraded seats on airplane (totally worth it on long hauls).
    5 – Many more i cant even remember – they were probably not worth it. hahaha.

    Have a great weekend everyone!
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  2. Hi, Michelle!
    Collector’s Editions are always expensive,as they are something like limited edition series of products. I know that many video game companies make collector’s edition for their dedicated fans…only by not so dedicated prices. I recently bought for my nephew a collector’s edition of Star Wars…don’t ask me for the price as I prefer not to think about it, but rather of the big smile on my nephew’s face when he got it…:)
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