Wondering what you can do differently or better to really get RESULTS from your blog?

Send me your URL, tell me your questions (what’s working, what’s not), and I’ll do a video walk through where I show you what you’re doing well and where you can improve to get better results from your blog.  I’ll also include a “quick notes” written version that will include any resources, plugins and other links I suggest.

Everything I suggest will come from a business building perspective that your blog’s job is to attract traffic, encourage interaction (comments, shares), grow your opt-in list, and build your credibility.

Here’s what I’ll look at:

  • Your theme/design
  • Your navigation
  • Your layout and page structure
  • Use of your front page and main pages of your blog (about, contact, etc)
  • Individual blog post layout and elements (headlines, formatting, etc)
  • Blog speed and tips for improving it
  • Links to your site and how to build more

Important Note: This is only a review.  It does not include making the changes for you, just the information so you can take action on any changes I suggest that you want to try.

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It was awesome to have an expert view of my existing blog, areas for improvement and consideration.

In addition, you then showed me other blog sites to help me “see” the opportunities and the possibilities. Why this is important is because whether someone starts with a blank slate or existing layout, you can’t know what’s even possible — or important! You can “tell” someone what they should consider, but the true value comes in “seeing” what one can do and examples of where it’s working.

This is TREMENDOUS value for any website/blog owner! And I think I shared the incredible feedback I received on the redesign of the site and the blog!

You brought me into the 21st century and gave both my online and offline business greater credibility! Thanks so much Michelle!!!

Chris Makell, America’s Courage to “Think Bigger” Business Coach

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