These terms are agreed to if you choose to submit media (written, audio, video or in other format) on any page providing this link for terms reference.

In this release, you (any person submitting media into our systems) are referred to as “Speaker”.


Planet Business LLC is honored that the “Speaker” has agreed to share “media”.

This agreement acknowledges this commitment and authorizes Planet Business LLC to use the “Speaker’s” name and likeness in promotional and selling materials via any channel of delivery (i.e. sales letters, email, website etc.)

Release of Rights

You agree to share “media” including any ideas, concepts or information you express & grant the following rights for no monetary compensation from Planet Business LLC:

You hereby grant to Planet Business LLC the following rights to any written or visual material submitted in connection with your presentation(s) at the Program in any and all media or form of communication, including written, audio, video and other electronic media whether now existing or hereafter developed:

(1) the non-exclusive worldwide right to use, record, transcribe, reproduce, distribute, sell, perform, display, or license and broadcast by radio, television, internet, or any other media, exhibit and otherwise use your presentation(s) or any part thereof, as presented in the Program, alone or in conjunction with other materials;

(2) the non-exclusive worldwide right to use your “media” or presentation(s), or any part thereof, as part of a course, book or in any other publication produced by Planet Business LLC;

(3) the non-exclusive worldwide right to use your “media” to promote and publicize; and

(4) the non-exclusive right to use your name, likeness and biography in connection with the advertising, publicity, and promotion of your “media”.

You warrant that you have full power and authority to enter into this Agreement, and that your “media” and any other material you submit (i) are original with you; (ii) are not subject to any third party copyright or that you have obtained permission from the copyright proprietor consistent with this Agreement for use of any third party copyrighted material; and (iii) that publication will not libel anyone or infringe on or invade the rights of others. You agree that you will indemnify Planet Business LLC for any liability or costs incurred by breach of this warranty.

Media Release

Places or ways we share your “media” be open to the media, including print, radio, TV, internet, bloggers, podcasters and/or other journalists. You acknowledge that media may record, photograph, or make fair use of portions of your presentation.

Your voluntary submission of “media” into our system signifies your consent to the use of your media and other materials as described and that you agree with the provisions of this release.

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