Oh, no! I didn’t blog yesterday! Did you?

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It’s happened.  I missed two days of blogging!  Client work and a crashed PC took over my life.  It’s totally crashed – anyone want to come make my PC send a signal to my monitor again?  I feel like that little guy over there in the chair.

Since I’ve been doing two posts a day I’m ahead of schedule for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

But if you’re feeling challenged and are behind, don’t give up!  Check out this post from Melanie Kissell and be encouraged that you CAN still do it (also find some great resources to help you):  http://www.melaniekissell.com/2011/01/ultimate-blog-challenge-day-11-are-you-still-going-strong-or-running-out-of-steam/

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  1. oh were you reading my minda:) I missed 2 days too and still behind from week one and that is all good :)

    1. Hey, I’m a mind reader! Can I add that to my resume?

  2. There is no problem with missing out on a few days, as soon as you are not abandoning your blog for over a month all will be fine.

    1. Definitely. A day or two, no problem. A month… not so good!

  3. I missed you! Glad you’re back :)


  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Terri Zwierzynski, Jeuhen and others. Jeuhen said: RT @neanster772011RT @UBCBlogBoost: RT @michelleshaeffr: Blog: Oh, no! I didn’t blog yesterday! Did you? http://bit.ly/ihzhWX #blogboost […]

    1. Glad to hear it, Lisa — you’ve got so much to share!

  5. Oh, it seems I missed a whole week of your posts but that is my own fault (blush). Although I am not participating in the blog challenge, I signed up for EzineArticle’s Hundred Articles in Hundred Days challenge. I missed two days last week and now have to do two articles every day to catch up until I can go back to one article a day.

    1. Awesome! I completed one, after an attempt or two. The #HAHD is a big challenge but I can say it definitely has brought more traffic to my site and given me more confidence just knowing that I completed it. You can do it!

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