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Hey blogger, jump into the spotlight here and share your favorite post from the month of October with everyone!

Don’t be shy.  I know you’ve all been creating awesome content this month for the Ultimate Blog Challenge and for your blog readers, so share a post with a link and why it’s your favorite.

Go ahead.  Right down there in the comment box.

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  1. http://letstalkandwalk.com/2011/10/02/thoughts-from-a-newbie-runner/

    Above is one of my favorite blog posts from Octobers. Happens to be very early on.
    Glenneth recently posted… FUFF Week 7 & Last Day Ultimate Blog Challenge!My Profile

  2. Michelle,

    What a great way to let others shine!

    Here is one from a little over a month ago:

    Stacy recently posted… 8 List Posts to Help You in Blogging, Life and BusinessMy Profile

  3. http://theromanticvineyard.com/2011/10/11/love-song-letter/ This was my favorite post from this month. Tom liked it too!
    Debi Walter – The Romantic Vineyard recently posted… Mark Your CalendarMy Profile

  4. No audio posts for me. So, I’ll just keep it an open slate…
    I’ll cheat by using the past post in a series of six…

  5. I’ll share my very quick video on the #1 Video Tip for Overcoming the Fear (it just happens to be today’s post).


    Thanks, Michelle!
    Cathy Miller recently posted… Number 1 Video Tip for Overcoming the FearMy Profile

  6. I mention a recent big boo boo of mine in: “My Social Media Mistake” ->


    Thx Michelle :)
    mikec ( recently posted… 3 Things I’ve Come to Realize in 1000 Days of TweetingMy Profile

  7. one of my favorite is todays post
    it is a guestblog
    written by my dear friend scott who is a true halloween lover


    the last week i made a halloween blog out of my blog
    i started a little series which consists of 6 parts + a font part
    the histoy of halloween

    links to part 1-4 in part 5
    part 6 will be posted tomorrow

    hallloween font

    i am proud – not only that i have managed the challenge
    but also that i have posted an entire series of just one subject :)
    in english and in german

    was a busy months, made 55 blogposts in the whole of october
    met so many fantastic new people
    read so many gorgeous thoughts and comments and posts
    thanks for that :)
    helen bogun recently posted… For the Love of HalloweenMy Profile

  8. What a great idea, Michelle!

    This was one of my favorites from October … “Finding Time for Feelings-Move Ahead Powerfully by Looking Back” about how much more energy and power we have at our disposal when we know what we’re feeling!


    It was fun/informative/interesting to read all the other posts – excellent collection!

  9. Hey Michelle! How cool!

    Probably my favorite post this month was on putting my camera down and LIVING LIFE rather than observing it.

    Darlene recently posted… Put the Camera DownMy Profile

    1. Aren’t those numbers amazing? Social media is growing so fast and we have the power to reach so many.

  10. This post kicked off a new review series about “2011 Hottest Holiday Toys”.

    Lisa recently posted… Work From Home Mom ChecklistMy Profile

    1. That looks like a blast, Lisa. I’m going to have to consider those for my boys. Also liked your baby-proofing post. I remember those days with my older two homeschooling and the youngest exploring everything… we survived too. But I did a lot of baby-proofing. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Don’t Build a Website Without ThisMy Profile

  11. Many thanks!

    My blog is a dialogue in which my physical self asks my eternal Self what it is I need to know. The answers come from “Eternal Barbara” and this post challenged me to get out of my comfort zone concerning speaking my truth. I need these reminders.

    Barbara Casey recently posted… Abraham’s VortexMy Profile

    1. Hi Barbara, your post reminded me of a beautiful quote: “The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.” ~ Anaïs Nin

      And yes, the pen is mighty!
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… What’s Your Excuse?My Profile

  12. I have learned so much from you through following you on Twitter. Thanks for the opportunity, Michelle!

    This was one of my favorites, from my blog about weight loss, eating, and where the two collide.

    Dessert Isn’t a Privilege, It’s a Strategy: http://tastydiet.wordpress.com/2011/10/17/dessert-isnt-a-privilege-its-a-strategy/
    Danielle recently posted… The Pen: Another Important Tool for Weight LossMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Danielle, I’m so glad. :)

      And what a cool way to think about dessert. As someone who’s been on a diet for several months, and feeling guilty about chocolate… I like your perspective!
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How Not to Waste Time on FacebookMy Profile

  13. I love this idea, Michelle! Here’s my favorite October blog post:
    Would More Hours in the Day Make You More Productive- http://goo.gl/DhzU3
    Lisa Kanarek recently posted… How to Create More Storage Space in Your Home OfficeMy Profile

    1. That one really got me thinking, Lisa. Easy to think more hours would solve it…
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Don’t Build a Website Without ThisMy Profile

  14. Awesome idea Michelle, thanks for sharing the opportunity with us!!

    I discuss how you can make more money with your home based opportunity.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted… How to Get More Online Sign Ups QuicklyMy Profile

    1. Excellent reminder, Ryan.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… What’s Your Excuse?My Profile

  15. Thanks for giving all of us this wonderful opportunity Michelle :)

    I have recently shifted my Blogspot blog to WordPress and would say my favorite post from the month of October is – tips to develop your inner strength and power.

    Harleena Singh recently posted… Throwing a Teen Party for HalloweenMy Profile

    1. Yay! Congrats on the leap to WordPress, Harleena. Have fun playing with all the new plugins available to you. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Steal Blog Traffic Like a PirateMy Profile

  16. Great idea Michelle!
    I admire your work, and I am interested in most of your post. Nevertheless, I really loved one of your last posts: “How to Steal Blog Traffic Like a Pirate” – https://www.michelleshaeffer.com/how-to-steal-blog-traffic-like-a-pirate/2011/10/29/
    Thank you for letting us all express ourselves through your work.

  17. Hey Michelle – What an awesome idea.

    Love the concept of getting people to recommend their own fave from the month. Very cool…

    Can’t resist adding one of my own of course, and I know it’s one you liked as well (thanks for the excellent comment!)

    Mine is all about Strategic Blog Commenting

    What a lot of great posts there are appearing on this page… Nice work!
    Jym recently posted… Why Your Daily To Do List is Crippling Your Efficiency (and How to Fix it)My Profile

  18. Just came across this from your Twitter feed – excellent idea! Thanks for the opportunity to share. My favorite post from October discusses permanent weight loss and how to succeed.

    You can do it – http://niawellness.blogspot.com/2011/10/you-can-do-it.html
    Natasha Crawford recently posted… This is not a 60 day program. This is an every day program.My Profile

  19. Thanks, Michelle! I didn’t post much for this challenge :( but my favorite is 101 Essential Links for Online Entrepreneurs: http://www.building-blocks-coaching.com/101-links.html/
    Leanne Chesser recently posted… Gratitude ExpressionsMy Profile

  20. Here’s my favorite: it’s about the joys (insert sarcasm here) of the daily commute.

    Alison recently posted… Monday MelodyMy Profile

  21. Michelle, I actually want to mention this post by you: I thought it was written very much from the heart and it was also short enough for my taste :)
    Delia recently posted… The Ultimate Blog Challenge in numbersMy Profile

  22. My favourite post was the one you did on Twitter. That led me to write a five-part blog post series on Twitter at my own blog. The first of these can be found at the post I have left for Comment Luv.

    They are all inter-linked so you can check out the series there.

    Thanks for letting me put this together Michelle. Your blog is just about the best I have come across for a long time.

    Just keep it going

    David Verney recently posted… Jazzing Up Your Twitter ProfileMy Profile

  23. My favorite post in October focused on one of my own “stress and health” moments–where I forgot to fasten my seatbelt in a cab and we almost were in a wreck. I like an occasional self-reflective post–how I can be so aware of health in so many ways but also manage to do something unsafe! Thanks for letting me post it!

    Kristen recently posted… Can Yoga or Stretching Help People Who Have Lower Back Pain?My Profile

  24. Michelle, I adore your site – when I am challenged by my blog I frequently check in to see what you’re up to and if you’ve got any tips and tricks for me! Thanks for inviting me to share with you -and the WONDERFUL community!

    Here’s my favorite post from last month about recalibrating your dreams – how to we respond when things don’t go our way. It’s a great process for anyone going through the GROWTH phase.

    Ellen recently posted… Leadership For Leaders – Make A Room Of People Fall In Love With YouMy Profile

  25. As a relatively new blogger, I thought this was one of my best blog posts ever, although it’s a bit dated now:

    I appreciate the opportunity to do a little bragging at my current comfort level!
    Susanne Warren recently posted… Pumpkin Quick BreadMy Profile

  26. Here is one of my favorites. It was hard to choose. Enjoy! :-)

    Creating Lasting Love
    Lisa C Writes recently posted… Fabulous Finds Friday! #7 Antiquing!My Profile

  27. This is my first time here, what an awesome spot! This is one of my favorite posts from October just because Bullying is so prevalent in today’s society. We need to draw more attention to this issue and try to find a solution.

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