Q2: What’s Been Awesome in Your Business This Year?

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Question 2 in Question Week.  What’s been awesome in your business this year?  Or, what’s one thing that went right?

Saying you’ve survived another year, while a very good thing since so many small businesses fail, doesn’t count for this question.  I’ve survived this year but as I’m often reminded by great business friends, it’s about more than surviving — it’s about thriving and growing.

Share your victory celebration with me (and my readers)!  Big or small what success came this year?

One thing that’s been awesome this year for me is that I’m finally making steps in redefining what I can do and how I can be of service to the world around me.  This quote is really one that hits home for me:

It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.  ~Author Unknown

I finally stepped out and did some things this year that were really big for me.  I said yes when Michele Scism invited me to co-host the Ultimate Blog Challenge and when Lisbeth Tanz invited me to co-host the 31 Days Blog Challenge.  I got inspired by Connie Ragen Green’s book and hosted several free teleseminars.  Surprise, I actually really enjoyed them–turns out I CAN do it and had a blast sharing about Twitter and ezines, and most importantly found that my listeners found value in them and I was able to help them in their businesses.  And I launched Simplestorming which I can’t wait to expand in 2011!

This year the biggest thing I found outside of my own head though was support.  Some garbage happened for me in my personal life (discovered I have celiac after a lot of fighting being sick and exhausted) and then in my business.  I wanted to throw in the towel more than once.  But a wonderful community of support appeared around me and I can’t express how truly grateful I am for all of you.  People I’d barely met online were there to listen, help, and understand because they’d been through it.  And that’s been awesome.

I hope that I’m able, in whatever ways I can, to be there in turn for those who need support in their own lives and businesses.  Because regardless of what type of businesses we each run, it’s really all about the people we’re making a difference for — ourselves, our families, our friends and our tribes.

Okay, so that was more than one thing from me.  You can share more than one, too.  :)  But share at least one!

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  1. Great question, Michelle! You have had an amazing year. I’ve enjoyed learning from you!

    As for this year for me, I think there’s so much AWESOME stuff happening in my business and my life. A huge celebration for me would be the growth I’ve made blogging. I didn’t initially think that I had writing in me, but found that I actually unleashed my inner writer :)

    Dani Nir-McGrath recently posted… How Do You Eat An Elephant Or Consistency Is The Key To Success!My Profile

    1. Thanks Dani, it’s been a trip for sure.

      I never would have guessed that writing was a challenge for you – you’ve done a great job with your blog.

  2. Whew! Where to start?

    1. I started The Work at Home Wife. I suffered immensely in the beginning try to figure it all out on my own. My little blog isn’t even one year old, but is definitely holding its own now. I can’t believe how far it has come.

    2. I started getting passive and residual income streams going this year. I just finished running my numbers so far and I’m really surprised at how well I did with that for not having a clue when I started.

    3. My Virtual Business has hit a point of being self-sustaining. That is truly nice not having to seek out clients. In most cases I am having to turn things away.

    This year has been an amazing one. I have already got a jump start on things for 2011, and I’m really excited about the journey ahead.

    Congrats on your successes!
    Angie – The Work at Home Wife recently posted… Internet Marketing Plans- The Split TestMy Profile

    1. Woo hoo! All awesome, Angie. :)

  3. I can think of two great things:

    1) I found ways that technology could help me do things I had thought I couldn’t do on my own (for me, that was singing Bass parts). This relates to my response from yesterday about being able to make my product without depending on other people.

    2) Customers have said such nice things about me! Even times when I was having technical problems with my website gave me an opportunity to give some excellent customer service by responding quickly to people’s problems, and the feedback makes me feel warm all over.

    1. Very cool, Joan. Technology is amazing when it comes to sound. My husband writes/records and I’m constantly amazed at what Sonar and the other software he uses can transform things into. He showed me the other day how he can go in and change pitch one just one note if it’s off – wow.

      Warm fuzzies are a great feeling. :)

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  5. Honestly, not much went exactly as I planned but then I had two wonderful things happen – my first national TV appearance and I got to speak 3 times at a Big Corporate here in South Africa, which probably make up for it, doesn’t it? :)

    1. WOW. Okay, yes, that makes up for it. Very cool, Marcia! (Plus you have the cutest twins ever so that’s got to count, too.)

  6. Michelle, congratulations on all your successes and stepping into all of who you are!

    There are a few great things for me:

    1. I met my business partner and we’ve created something reallly awesome together.
    2. I got out of my job about half way through the year.
    3. I’ve discovered and built a really amazing network of other work at home colleagues and I love the atmosphere of “success together” that characterizes it all (which is my theme for 2011).

    1. Thanks, Leanne. It’s always a stretch but gotta keep going. :)

      Having a great business partner can be SUCH a huge help! I am thankful for the ladies I’ve worked with this year in the blog challenges.

      I love your 2011 theme – that just rocks.

  7. Michelle,

    Well done Michelle!
    After some stumbling around my first year online. Things came together for me this year. I spent the first part of the year getting some real tech under my belt. So I would have to say that was the number one awesomeness which made it easier to focus on getting my niche sites up and moving in the right direction which is my second thing that went great.

    1. That’s great, Sheila! The techy part can definitely be a hurdle but once you’ve got that conquered it gets easier.

  8. My awesome moment this year was the completion of The Christmas Candle. A project that was not only for Christmas but to put on the web site as well. This project kept me up at night due to the fact that I was afraid to say, “this is perfect as it is”. Once I recognized what my block was and let go of it, I was able to complete the project to send out. The second phase is on the list of the 2011 Goals.

    This, for me, was a great challenge as some of these were going out to a person who specializes in marketing. Definately not something I wanted to get wrong. I will say, when I received the text message stating, “they are perfect”, the overwhelm hit and I wanted to cry tears of joy.

    1. Those are good tears. :) That’s wonderful, Ria.

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