Q5: What Are You Excited About in 2011?

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Less than 24 hours until 2010 is history and 2011 is here!

Got your goals written down yet? Let’s share.

One of my goals is to do at least one free teleseminar a month on a topic my tribe’s asked for my help with.  I’m excited to already have one lined up for January where I’ll be sharing about juggling business and family on Kathy Santini’s What Successful People Know series.

What are you excited about that’s going to happen for your business/blog/life in 2011?

Here’s a chance for you to create some accountability for yourself.  Put it in writing in the comments below.

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  1. Every year at this time, I start reflecting on what worked and what did not so that I can move forward into the New Year with a clean slate and a feeling of accomplishment. I also review what is left unfinished and determine if it is something that I can let go, or make it a priority for the up coming year.

    This year’s goal theme is focused – balanced – action.

    I am closing 2010 with a new project for 2011. This will be completed before May 15th, 2011. Lot’s of pictures and spin off’s from the project will be the primary goal.

    I personally love your projects as they tend to help keep me aligned. So I am looking forward to your 2011 Goals as much as mine.

    1. I like your theme! Definitely got those steps in the right order. :)

    2. Ria, I love your theme for the year!

  2. I too plan on having free teleseminars with topics on having a healthier and happier marage.

  3. Michelle, I am so looking forward to your presentation, you are an incredibly impressive, home schooling, entrepreneurial Mom. Talk about whirling dervish’s of productivity. Hope you and your tribe can join us, for all five presentations. I chose the topics to help people in the areas they are most challenged with: relationships, time management, career and achieving their goals. Our guests are a therapist, Fortune 50 HR professional, you, a coach and myself. To check out/register, for this FREE program, your peeps should visit: http://whatsuccessfulpeopleknow.com

    Happy New Year to you and your list!!


    1. Thanks, Kathy, and Happy New Year! :)

  4. One project that I’m excited about is the mom entrepreneur month that I’m doing on my WAHM Solution blog with my business partner, Cheryl Wilms. We’re really looking forward to featuring a different woman entrepreneur every day of the month!

    1. I’m looking forward to your posts this month, Leanne. I know there will be lots of great tips and inspiration. :) Great idea!

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  6. I am excited to enjoy another healthier year of my life :) Happy new year!

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