Question Your Assumptions

A friend asked which Democratic nominee I thought Nancy Pelosi wanted to win…

And my response was, “Are you sure she wants a Democrat to win? That’s an assumption. What’s actually best for her career?”

Now, we could argue that one all day – and I’m sure she does want to see her values advanced.

>> But you see the point? <<

We all start questioning based on our foundational assumptions.

And often, that foundational assumption is what we actually need to question first!!

So often clients come to me with questions that are based on assumptions.

“I should be blogging – so what kind of content should I focus on?”

Hold up – should you? Let’s consider that… perhaps blogging is NOT the best content marketing strategy for you…

“I need to redesign my website – so help me with which theme and messaging to use…”

Wait – is that the smartest move right at this moment? Or should we be filling up a program so you’ve got steady cash flow and THEN circle back to that website?

“I’m booking guests for my podcast – who’s the biggest name we can get?”

One moment there – what’s the goal for your podcast? Let’s start with that and then talk guests.

“I just need more traffic! Show me how you get traffic and leads!”

What are you offering for sale? “I’m just building an audience first” – STOP EVERYTHING – NOPE. You must offer something for sale if you’re building a business. No sales = no business.

Or, what’s your conversion rate on sales? Well, I haven’t closed anyone yet… STOP EVERYTHING – NOPE AGAIN. First let’s figure out an offer which will convert for you.

In those two cases all the traffic and leads in the world is pointless if there isn’t a great offer that converts for that traffic to go to!



You’ll be AMAZED at what you actually realize.

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