Quick & Easy One Page Marketing Plan

A marketing plan gives you a basic guide for your marketing for the year. By looking at your marketing 12 months at a time you can plan for seasonal promotions, work to combat any traditionally slower times for your company, and keep your business supported by always having at least one or two forms of marketing working for you.

With your marketing plan in place you won’t have a holiday or event sneak up on you and think, “Oh! I could have done a really cool promotion!”  Instead you’ll have your promotion planned and you can be ready to take advantage of holidays and other seasonal opportunities.

As you plan your year, choose a few marketing tactics per month and remember that some will require continued time commitments (blogging, social networking, your newsletter) while others are more of a one-time project (donating a book or working a charity event, issuing a press release).

Once you’ve put your plan together, be sure to review it monthly and look ahead so you’re ready for what you’ve planned.

Download the free “Quick & Easy Marketing Plan” template below and you can have a basic marketing plan done in less than an hour!


Click Here to Download the Free
Quick & Easy Marketing Plan Template

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