Remember when you thought anything was possible?

As kids, anything seems possible.  Those around us tell us, “the sky is the limit!” and we believe them.

But then somewhere along the way there’s a shift.  The adults start herding us toward “realistic” goals.  They see our talents or the areas we struggle with or our physical limitations and tell us which dreams aren’t achievable.  Then we accept it.  We choose a path towards a particular job or profession.  We accept that dreams end as we grow into adults.

Really?  Is growing up about accepting reality and giving up on the dreams we held so passionately as children?  Or should we strive to ignore those who expect us to accept “realistic” dreams and instead grow into bigger dreams and make a difference in this world?

Making a difference doesn’t have to be as big as saving the planet.  It can be changing one person’s life (or 1,000 people’s lives) for the better.  The products you create or the services you provide make a difference.  Maybe your goal is to improve or change something in your own hometown.  But even if your dream is saving the planet, who am I, or anyone else to tell you not to try?

Whatever your dream is, go after it.  Only people who dare to try will make a difference.

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  1. I think the more we grow, the more we become dumb. And getting better means going back to your childhood where everything was possible.

    1. There’s definitely something to be said for going back to the time when we really believe in ourselves.

  2. Wow, Michelle! This is a beautiful post. Today I have been rather filled with doubt and wonder and this has helped open my heart and believe again. Anything at all was possible when we were small and we KNEW it. Thank you for re-opening my eyes to that wonder.
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    1. Thank you for sharing this, MJ. I think most of us have those days where the doubt overwhelms us. Just gotta remember what we already know, deep down inside. :)

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