Revealed: The Secret Formula to a Profitable Blog (A + C + P + L = P)

During the last 15 years I’ve been in business online, and over 7 years of blogging, I discovered this formula:

A + C + P + L = P

It’s a simple formula you can follow to create a blog that gets results (clients, credibility, and cash).

I’m going to break down the formula for you and share how it all works together to build your profitable blog.

A = Audience

Most bloggers start with content… and skip over the super key step of defining exactly who their audience is.

You’ve GOT to know who your ideal reader is so you what type of content they’re looking for, what motivates them, how to help them, and where to find them!

You may have seen me share an exercise called “Empathy Mapping” (just search YouTube and you’ll find videos explaining this).  It’s one of the ways to better understand who your readers are and what they’re looking for.

And I’m sure you’ve heard… your audience has to know, like, and trust you…

This begins with YOU knowing your audience!

Do you understand who they are?  What their biggest goals and dreams are?  Do you know their fears and challenges?

And, do you know how to tie that into the content you write and the strategies you’re using to monetize your blog?

C = Content

Does your content answer your readers biggest questions?

Does it solve their problems and challenges?

Are you engaging with them in a way that grabs their attention and shows them that you care and you can help?

And, do you know how to turn that trust you’re building through your content into cash in your business?

Creating smart content allows you to:

  • connect with your readers in a way that shifts the sales process so instead of you pushing people to buy or join you, they’re asking how they can work with you
  • engage with leaders and experts in your field so you can grow your audience faster and build credibility fast

The right content, published consistently, will transform the way you build your business online and the results you see!

P = Promotion

If a post is published and a blog and no one reads it…

That should never happen!  And if you’ve got a plan to promote your blog posts, we don’t need to finish that sentence.

Creating and following a promotional plan is how you get targeted traffic (the right audience!) to your blog.

With all the ways to promote, this piece of the formula is about finding the right ways to reach your ideal audience.

L = Leads

Too many bloggers SKIP this step completely!

And it’s killing their results.

You can’t go from meeting someone brand new straight to “hey let’s get married!”

Now, if you’ve got A, C, and P right, you will see some of your readers go straight to working with you after they read a few posts on your blog.  But most of the time it takes a little while.

Between finding your content and buying from you or working with you, your readers need a little time to get to know you, to see how you can help them.

You’ve got to get them on your LIST as subscribers so you can stay in touch.

So “L” is all about understanding how to build your list of leads and communicate with them:

  • where do calls to action go?
  • what calls to action will work to get readers to sign up?
  • do you need to offer a freebie or “ethical bribe” and if so, how do you create it?
  • once you’ve got people on your list, what do you send them?
  • how often should you write your list?

Building your list is absolutely critical to creating a profitable blog!

P = Profitable Blog!

Once you’ve got those four pieces of the Profitable Blogging Formula in place, then you’re ready to monetize and profit from your blog.

The final piece of the formula is to know what offers to make to your audience that will result in PROFIT. 

And if you know who they are (Audience), what they need (Content), how to get them to notice you (Promotion) and have a list to communicate with (Leads) then making the right offers will result in a money-makin’ blog!

You’re Invited to Join Me…

Ready to learn more about this Profitable Blogging Formula?

I’ll be going into depth and taking audience questions on each of the pieces of this formula during an upcoming workshop.

So click here to find out how you can join me live (plus get the recordings and resources)!

Which of the pieces of this formula are you ready to learn more about?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. Thanks for the breaking down the profitable content that must be included in a blog. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You’re welcome. Thanks for commenting, Lucky.
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