You already know that you’ve got to create great content if you want people to share it. You’re doing that. And you’re waiting for the floods of traffic, right?

It’s a bit of a chicken and egg thing… you can get traffic from social media when you share your posts and lots of others share your posts, but that only works if you’ve already got a following, and how do you get the following if other people aren’t helping you share your posts… and round and round it goes.

So what are smart bloggers doing differently that puts them out ahead of that cycle and allows them to get their posts shared on social media and drive traffic, while they’re still working to build their following?

They use these secret weapons!

Secret Weapon #1: SocialBuzzClub

SocialBuzzClub allows you to submit your blog posts and invite other members to share on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (and you share theirs). You can customize the headline and text you’d like shared. Get your free account here or get 50% off premium membership with this special link.

Secret Weapon #2: Triberr

In this tutorial video I’ll show you how to get started with Triberr–how to set up your profile, find tribes to join, request membership and how to share content within the system. With a bit of research to find tribes that are the right fit you can both attract clients and build great relationships with other bloggers in your space.

Secret Weapon #3: Just Retweet

Wondering how you can get traffic from Twitter if you don’t have a following there yet? Easy. You just need to get people who DO have followers to tweet your blog posts. Here’s one free tool you can use to get more people tweeting your blog posts.

Secret Weapon #4: Tweet Circles

How to create a “tweet circle” with TwitterFeed to get more of the RIGHT traffic to your blog by working together with your friends or colleagues.

Secret Weapon #5: Blogger Networks

In this video I’ll introduce you to three blogging networks that just might be a great fit for you to share your content with and build relationships within the blogosphere. Check it out.

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