See Jane Succeed by Michele DeKinder-Smith

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If you’re a female entrepreneur working hard to build your business, you’ll know from the first page of this book, that you made a great decision to read it.  The dedication reads:

To all the women who’ve had the courage to pursue their dreams, making a better life for themselves and the people they love.

Feeling understood yet?  This is not your typical entrepreneurial or business book.  Reading through this book (more than once) has been both inspiring and validating.  Michele DeKinder-Smith understands female entrepreneurs and our challenges.  More than that, she’s cracked the code to identifying the unique challenges different women face in building their businesses how exactly to turn them into strengths, overcome and break through them into business success.

This book is for you if you’re feeling stressed out, burnt out, overwhelmed, frustrated, unsure how to move your business to the next level of growth, or just alone as a female entrepreneur.  You’re not alone and you don’t have to struggle through your challenges on your own.

In See Jane Succeed you’ll learn about the five different types of female entrepreneurs.  Each type is explained in detail: Accidental Jane, Go Jane Go, Jane Dough, Merry Jane and Tenacity Jane.  An action plan is offered to help you easily move through the challenges that your “Jane” type faces.

Each Jane type comes with a problem, strategy, action step table which identifies the main problems the Jane faces, the strategy that can kick it, and the action steps needed to implement that strategy.

What I found most helpful in this book was that DeKinder-Smith does more than just present research and offer suggestions.  In each Jane’s action plan you’ll find detailed step by step help that makes it easy to implement what you’re learning about and conquer the challenges you’re facing.

As I read through the chapter about my own Jane type it was like reading something I could have written in a personal journal, but wouldn’t have shared out loud, my challenges were identified so well.  There’s no more feeling alone after you’ve read See Jane Succeed.  You’ll realize that not only are your challenges common and that other women in business are struggling with the same exact struggles, but that you can overcome them and turn them into strengths.  You can visit to take the free assessment and find out which Jane type you are.

At the end of the book, there’s a step-by-step plan to help you change your type, as well as helpful resources and research statistics.

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