Selling Products vs. Services: What Content Should You Create?

Not sure what types of content to create for your blog and inbound marketing that will actually HELP you BUILD your business (meaning grow your list and make sales)?

Check out this helpful infographic that breaks down the difference between content for products and content for services, and offers lots of content ideas.


Infographic from 1000 Content Ideas

Have you created these types of content yet?  Which one(s) might work next for you?  Leave a comment and share a link to your blog, too!

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  1. I am a service seller, being a blogger, so that part of the infograph was cool :)
    gautham recently posted… Top 6 Adsense Earners In India – BlogsMy Profile

    1. Glad you liked it, Gautham. Thanks for reading and commenting.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Why Bother Blogging? What Can it Really Do for You?My Profile

  2. Great infographic. Thanks for the information.

    AND thanks for starting the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I LOVE it!!!


    Kathy Hadley recently posted… Overcome AdversityMy Profile

    1. Hey Kathy, you’re welcome! :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… What’s the Secret to Life Balance?My Profile

  3. Interesting infographic…I love pics with a helpful idea!
    Ashley Porter recently posted… 5 Reasons Why You Should Start An Internet Based BusinessMy Profile

    1. I thought so, as well. Too cool not to share.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… The Most Powerful Blogging Lesson LearnedMy Profile

  4. I have both. I create content for my product, the goody gift bag. The content I create is before and after picrures, I tell people what companies I am working iwth as well. I also on the other hand, create content for my services, as I provide services to businesses, getting to customers. The content I create for the services, are buisiness topics that we have discussions about to help all of us out. Content for the business services also is created to let businesses know about my current and future projects, events, and sales.

    It is so true about this infographic about the types of content and the purposes they serve.
    Marilyn recently posted… Artist Vendors WantedMy Profile

    1. With both products and services you’ve got LOTS of options for creating compelling content, Marilyn. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… The Most Powerful Blogging Lesson LearnedMy Profile

  5. My business is a software application that helps life coaches be more productive–but because it’s an online application (a “Software as a Service” or SaaS app), it’s a product used as a service. Which can sometimes make marketing confusing. This infographic gives me some great ideas for writing about on our blog! Thanks for sharing this. In fact, I think I’ll put a link to it on my blog, if that’s alright with you?

    Jonell recently posted… A Coaching Session Gone Horribly WrongMy Profile

    1. Of course! There’s a link right below it to the original source and they’ve given permission to share. :)

      Glad this sparked some ideas for you, Jonell, and it’s great to “see” you!
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… What’s the Secret to Life Balance?My Profile

  6. This infographic has practical content marketing tips. I appreciate the clear distinction between content marketing for your products and services. This infographic has opened my eyes to new possibilities.

    Thanks, it’s appreciated.
    Adalia John recently posted… 21 Days of Confidence Boosting TipsMy Profile

    1. It’s an often overlooked distinction so I thought this infographic brought it out in a very understandable way. I love practical tips like this.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Get Your Momentum Back When It DisappearsMy Profile

  7. Hello Michele,
    This is indeed one cool infograph and i actually did love the message. thanks
    Babanature recently posted… Top 20 WordPress Plugin I Just can’t Do withoutMy Profile

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Five Creative Ways to Find Your Next Big Blog Post IdeaMy Profile

  8. Yes, I have used videos to create this content. I never have to sell my services when people find me online because they are already in buying mode.
    Joanne recently posted… How to Find the Right Online TutorMy Profile

  9. Awesome post & infographic Michelle. You gave me several new ideas for what I should be doing with my own blog.

    Lisa Rodriguez recently posted… Are We Connected Yet?My Profile

  10. I think when it comes to creating content that helps increase your sales or your traffic the key is differentiating your product or service. Figuring out in what ways is your product or service superior than the next product in whatever market your in or plan to be in. Figuring this out allows for your product or service to create content for itself, because it almost sells itself through its superiority or being that it reaches out to a niche market which is currently in need for what you have. Granted this is all easier said than done but I think alot of whats in your infographic points towards this in many ways. Obviously thank you for your great post/infographic – awesome topic!

  11. Hi Michelle,

    I thank you so much for this post. I get some inspiration on what can I do next. Especially in the part of client case study/costumer story, it’s funny that I overlook this part.
    Okto recently posted… How to Build a Blog (a Profitable One)My Profile

  12. Michelle!
    Always great information!
    This info-graphic is very useful and easy to understand especially with examples. I consider content is one of the most important things to create the success. Your post give me a lot of ideas. Thank you again!
    QuynhLan recently posted… How to add and remove categories for products in OpenCart?My Profile

  13. Thanks so much for sharing my infographic – I love reading all the comments and feedback!


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