Send in the Maid! 5 Things to Review on Your Website

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Is your website or blog a mess?  Maybe it’s time to send in the maid!

Here are 5 things to make sure you’ve updated/tested recently:

1. The copyright statement in the footer of your website. It’s 2011.

2. Your privacy policy. Do a quick review to make sure it reflects accurately the info you collect and what you do with it.

3. Your contact information. Does your contact form work? Is the information you’ve listed on your page up to date?

4. Your subscription box. Is it working?  Got your privacy/opt-in policy listed near it?  If you use double opt-in or  offer a freebie for new sign ups make sure it’s working properly.

5.  Your product/service links. If you sell products or services on your website, take a few minutes to run through a purchase like a buyer would.  Be sure everything’s working properly and that each step of your process is clear.

Okay, take off the plastic gloves and go put your feet up now.  Mini website review complete!

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  1. Great list. Sometimes we get so busy with our to-do-next-list that we forget to keep and eye on what has already been done. Links do break, as I recently found out from a new customer (ouch). It’s a good thing the prospect was totally sold on enrolling or I would have lost a client because the buy now button wasn’t working.

    Setting a regular schedule for website cleaning is important. I think I will set that as a monthly task for a VA.

    Linette Daniels

    1. That’s an excellent idea, Linette. And perfect example of how pre-selling (through referrals, great content, etc) works.

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  3. I am so glad that I tested my opt in form for my kids exercise site a month ago because I found that my welcome email was actually being sent by the wrong email address which was making people not opt in. They were wondering why this baseball person was emailing them!

  4. I was wondering how do you add a subscription box to your website? I am not a computer savey girl so its all french to me sometimes.. but i do my own website through any help is appreciated
    thank you,Julicia Hernandez

  5. Thanks Michelle- a timely post…love how you are always on top of things…Sheri

  6. Had forgotten about the Copyright update. I’m good to go on the others. Needed the great reminders. Thanks, Michelle!

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