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I’ve had a really big, very busy week! Thought I’d share it in a Monday reflection sort of post.

Featured in Adam Urbanski’s Get Clients Now Newsletter
I posted last week about the biggest mindset shifts that happened for me during the Attract Clients Like Crazy bootcamp and then tweeted my post. It ended up featured in the Get Clients! newsletter (sign up – now – if you aren’t subscribed, it’s worth it and not just because my two cents was included LOL). I’m honored that my post was reprinted. It resulted in a traffic avalanche to my blog, a reprint request for the article from another site, lots of new subscribers to my newsletter, new blog readers, and so much support on my post. It meant a lot to me, and I appreciate both the reprinting of the post and everyone who read it and shared their thoughts.

Approved Expert at
Early last week I got the coolest birthday gift. A few months ago I wrote down in my planner that as a birthday gift to myself I’d apply for expert status. With some encouragement from my Mastermind group (I needed support!) I sent in the application and heard back that I was approved. As soon as I get a photo I’m happy with and my bio to them I’ll be listed on the site.

Great Testimonials from Clients
In the process of applying I had to check in with some clients and colleagues to get some referral letters. What a wonderful encouragement to keep going.

New Site Almost Ready for Launch
My new site is almost ready to be released. Woo! Launching mid-December is my goal. If you’ve been considering a makeover for your website because your business has outgrow what you’ve got online, keep your ears open.

Office Makeover
So it turns out that after years of worrying how my husband felt about my business, he has possibly more confidence in me that I do. Should have talked with him about it sooner! Without his encouragement I wouldn’t have gone to ACLC and I know I wouldn’t be moving in the directions I am now. This week my office is getting a makeover which I’m very excited about. I’ll share some video after it’s all done.

Facing the Realities of Growth
I’ve helped my clients get blogging, get websites, get clients and sales for years but never really worked on these things for myself. My business grew consistently by word of mouth to a place where I didn’t have time for any new clients, and instead of shifting my business model so I could continue to grow and serve more people I stayed where I was comfortable. Can’t find make a bigger difference in my comfort zone.

Super Fun Holiday Giveaway
Oh! And I’m in the secret planning stages for a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway that I can’t wait to share! It’s going to be a blast so make sure you’re on my newsletter list to get 12 freebies, no strings attached. (Subscribe box in the top right corner of any page – the one with the blue subscribe button.)

So, there’s a reflection on my last week… what’s going on with all of you? Got news? Changes? Excited for 2010? Just want to tell me I’m crazy or sane? Hit the comment box below and you’ll get a link back to your site, and show up in the sidebar on all my pages with your pretty Gravatar pic and link, too!

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