Shoulda Been a Boy Scout…

Yes, Toby Keith’s “Shoulda been a Cowboy” is running through my head, but with “Shoulda been a Boy Scout…” in the lyrics instead. I missed a great opportunity today to show up as professional and prepared. If only I had remembered to “Be Prepared.”

I tend to focus my marketing efforts on the online opportunities, but even I have business cards.  Really nice ones.  They follow all the important business card rules (incorporate my branding, contact info, website, free giveaways mentioned on the back, etc).  Plus they’re a gorgeous shade of purple with swirls that match my site at, rounded corners and I love them.  Ego aside now.  They don’t do any good if I don’t bother carrying them!

In the electronics section at the store where I was drooling over Netbooks and my boys were trying to narrow down their choices for a new Wii game, my husband ran into someone he knows through his job that he’d spoken to about my business and designing websites (great husband, out there promoting me!).  Brings him over to introduce him to me, and he asked for a business card.  That’s when I realized I’d forgotten to slip them into my purse before heading out the door!  The best I could do was to scribble my email address and URL on a slip of paper.  With a bit of luck he’ll give me a chance anyway, but oh how I could have made a better impression!

So, do better than I did today and be prepared.  Carry those business cards everywhere you go and don’t get stuck with “Shoulda been a boy scout” running through your head later…

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  1. Oh Michelle, We have all been there! And I have one of your gorgeous business cards – they are to nice to not hand out!!
    .-= Michele Scism’s last blog ..Mom Bloggers Are Changing This World! =-.

  2. Thanks Michele. I appreciate the compliment on the cards. :) And yes, it does seem easy to fall into that place where we aren’t quite ready for those opportunities. Hopefully this reminder helps someone else not be there (again). Maybe me!

  3. Great tip Michelle! I always carry a few on me tucked behind my license- since I never leave the house without it. It’s true you never know when opportunities to promote yourself will show up!
    And…I wanted to pass on the Sunshine Award from my blog to yours!

  4. Been there, done that! “Oh what a nice bag that is, do you make them?” Yes, I say, but of course I don’t have a business card handy to give to them!
    .-= Karen’s last blog ..Leah’s Morphin Panther Deluxe Messenger Henna Gig Bag =-.

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