Sizzling Hot Secrets to Attract New Clients Today

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Are you tired of never having enough clients? Do you feel like your clients are playing a cruel game of hide-and-seek?

The truth is your clients are all around you right now, and there are many ways to find them once you look at your business and your life just a little bit differently.

Here are 3 sizzling hot tips to start finding clients practically anywhere.

1. Know who you want to work with. Most small business owners start out by saying, I can work with anyone! The truth is that there are actually certain types of people who are a better fit for you than others.

Think about the people you really enjoy working with, the ones you already hang out with the most now. Is it women? Men? People over 50? Teenagers? Grab a piece of paper and write down the characteristics of people who really make you happy – and then watch as more of those specific types of people enter your life!

2. Know what specific problem you solve for people.  Most people start out by saying they can solve any problem for anyone. They are afraid to leave anything out because they don’t want to possibly lose a client.

Unfortunately, this waters you down so much that you can’t get a clear message out to anyone. No one understands what you do, so they have no idea if you are the person to go to!

Write down the top 3 problems that people come to you for or that you would like to help people with. Now choose the one that really makes you happy, that you could work on all day long. Let people know that this is your specialty and what you are an expert in, and watch clients come pouring in!

3. Let go of clients who are not right for you. This can be a difficult process for many small business owners, but you have to let go of those clients who just aren’t a good fit for you. This is the only way to open up space for your perfect clients to find you.

If you are banging your head against the wall and dealing with clients who aren’t right for you, you aren’t helping anyone. And I know you’re in business to help, right? Instead of getting upset about it, bless these people and send them on their way so that they can get the help they need.

Let me tell you a little story about how important this is: last year I worked with a client that wasn’t really a good fit for me. It was always a struggle to get anything accomplished, and this person continued to drag their heels no matter what I suggested. They really didn’t’ get much done at all, and it was frustrating to see them struggle so much and accomplish so little. I finally got to let them go.

Immediately someone who was a perfect fit came along. After just 2 hours together, she immediately ran out and got 3 new clients! This was more than the other person had accomplished after 6 weeks.

Now which scenario would you rather have? You will become so much more successful and help so many more people when you help those who are truly right for you.

These 3 tips will help you start attracting ideal clients today so that you can explode your business and help more people.

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Michelle Mahoney, Your Kick-Ass Business Coach

Michelle Amethyst Mahoney helps holistic small business owners who are   struggling to find clients and are feeling overwhelmed attract more clients and  make more money so they can serve their bigger purpose in the World and help more people without burning out.

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  1. Thanks mama, i quite agree with you, focus is the key to succeed in anything you do in life. Keep posting, keep adding value, and keep reading
    Pst. Bless recently posted… Get Paid to Write Articles for Easy Money OnlineMy Profile

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Bless.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… What Should I Blog About Today?My Profile

  2. Tough but sound advice here Michelle. We all need to learn when to let go of what is not right for us. Thanks for sharing.
    Neil Butterfield recently posted… Top Excuses For Not ExercisingMy Profile

    1. It can be tough for sure, but Michelle’s right, let go of the wrong clients and the right ones will show up.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Find Your Inner Fearless LeaderMy Profile

  3. Sobering advice Michelle. Some customers should be avoided as they become more problem than they are worth.
    Wade recently posted… Americans have a drinking problemMy Profile

    1. Definitely. Learning to identify that in advance helps with staying sane while running our businesses. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… What Should I Blog About Today?My Profile

  4. Thanks for posting this Michelle!
    Michelle Mahoney recently posted… Coaching Your CourageMy Profile

    1. Thanks for sharing it — and the awesome magazine! :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… What Should I Blog About Today?My Profile

  5. Hello Michelle and Michelle. Three powerful tips … useful if implemented. I’m in the process of letting go of a client, making room for someone who’s a better fit. There’s a little bit of a nagging doubt but I do look forward to saying “you’re fired.” Can you fire a client? :-)
    Adalia John recently posted… 21 Habits of Successful PeopleMy Profile

    1. Just channel Donald Trump for a few seconds. ;)

      It’s tough to let go but you’re doing yourself and the client a favor–they can find someone who’s a better fit for the support they need and you can find a client you’ll be able to better help. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Get in Front of 40,000+ Entrepreneurs a MonthMy Profile

  6. Michelle Amethyst,

    I remember hearing advice in the early days of my business that the client is always right and we should accept all clients. I knew that was crazy advice when I first heard it, so thanks for tip #3.
    Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D. recently posted… Meet the Freddy Krueger of Blogging: Interview with Danny InyMy Profile

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