Smile With Your Blog Comments

Is your pretty, simling face showing up when you comment on blogs?  No?  Let’s fix that!

Showing your avatar (your online photo image) along with your comments makes it easier for blog owners and other blog commenters to recognize you when you comment — especially if you’ve got that same photo showing up on Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere.

Thankfully, you don’t have to upload your image on every single blog you want to comment on.

Instead, you can make it happen by signing up with just a few services: Gravatar, Disqus, and OpenID.

All three are free, and you only have to go through these steps once.

Setting Up Your Own Gravatar stands for “globally recognized avatar.”

1.  Go to and click the “Get your Gravatar today >>” button.


2.  Enter the email address that you use to leave comments on blogs in the box and click the “Signup” button.  It’s important to use the email address that you use when you comment on blogs because that’s how gravatar recognizes you and knows which comments to show your avatar image with.


3.  You’ll see a message that a confirmation message has been sent to your email address.  Wait for it to arrive, then click the link to confirm that it’s your email address, you can access mail sent there, and that you want to create a Gravatar.


4.  Enter the Username and Password you’d like to use with Gravatar.


5.  Now you can setup your avatar image.  Click the “Add one by clicking here!” link.


6.  Choose how you’d like to add your image.  You can upload from your computer, use one that’s already online (such as on your blog), or snap one with a webcam.  Just follow the steps to upload/add your image based on your choice.

7.  Next crop your photo as desired.  Remember it’ll show up small most places so use a photo that can be seen in small size.

8.  Now you get to rate your Gravatar.  If it’s family friendly you can choose G.  The reason Gravatar asks this is that each blog owner gets to decide what rating level of Gravatar is okay to display on their blog.  For example, I choose not to allow R or X rated Gravatars to display here.

That’s it!  You’re all done.  Now, leave a comment below and you can test your new Gravatar to make sure it’s working. *smile*

Setting Up Your Disqus Account

Disqus is one of the most popular commenting systems on the internet and works with multiple blog platforms.  It’s got some great features, making it easier to see and respond to your comments around the internet.  Since many blogs use it for their comments you’ll want to make sure you’ve created a profile with Disqus.

Start at to creating a commenting account (if you start at you’ll be creating a blog account, which is different).  You can create an account specifically for Disqus by using the “sign up with an email address” link, or you can link it to your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account.  Just click the one you want to use and follow the steps.

Here’s what a Disqus profile looks like:

Setting Up an Open ID

Some websites that don’t allow anonymous or Name/URL comments (like many Blogger blogs) do allow commenters to use OpenID to login and comment.  You can get your own free OpenID at

Start at and click the “Sign Up For an OpenID” button.

Next you’ll enter in the information for your account: username, password, and email address.  MyOpenID will send you a confirmation email with a link to click and once you’ve clicked it you’ll be able to setup your own profile on the MyOpenID website.  Then when you login and use MyOpenID to comment on blogs that use OpenID your photo and a link to your MyOpenID profile will show up with your comments.

Here’s what a MyOpenID profile looks like:

What’s the Result?

Once you’re done, your image will show up with your blog comments and various other places around the blogs you comment on.  And you can update your photos any time.

Here are some examples:

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  1. Smile With Your Blog Comments…

    For newbie bloggers~ step by step how to get setup with Gravatar, MyOpenID and Disqus so your smiling face shows up along with your comments!…

  2. I have different Gravatars for different uses — for example when i post “as” my blog DaVinci Dilemma, I use our logo. I simply attach it to a different email. But I’m using my own kisser for most posts these days :-)
    Great step-by-step tutorial!
    Lisa Rothstein recently posted… Celebrate Your Creative IndependenceMy Profile

    1. That’s a good tip, Lisa. :) Thanks!
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Weekend Inspiration: What’s Your Spark?My Profile

  3. Practical as always
    Roberta Budvietas recently posted… Independent and Free?My Profile

    1. Yes, back to basics for this one. :)

  4. Very informative for those who have yet to set their avatar. It is true that having the picture allows the viewer to remember and connect with who is doing the commenting on the various blogs. Thanks for sharing!
    Nelly Paekukui recently posted… Independence Day And A Network Marketer’s View Of The Call To ActionMy Profile

    1. You’re welcome, Nelly, thanks for stopping by. :)

  5. Hi, I have a question.

    My site has been blocked by Google because of malware.

    I don’t know why or how.

    Can you help? How much will it be?

    The site in question is and also links there
    Marcia Francois, Organising Queen recently posted… Are you on track?My Profile

    1. Hi Marcia, did you get my email about that? I had sent over some links because they were putting that warning on the emails too. :( Here’s some basic info on why they do it and when: You need to have your web host run a scan (they can do one from their server control panels that you probably can’t from with your admin) and then once it’s confirmed that there’s no malware, or that it’s been removed, you can go here to ask Google to look again: That shows you how to request from within webmaster tools–and I think they may also show you what URLs they show as problems. Hope this helps. :)

      1. I did all that two weeks ago, it was fine for a bit and since Friday is again “compromised”. I’m this close to just deleting the whole thing, I’m that frustrated. There’s a woman who does this kind of thing but it seems steep to charge $297 to fix it?
        Marcia Francois, Organising Queen recently posted… 3 ways to create an abundance of “me time”My Profile

        1. It sounds like there’s a backdoor hidden somewhere in the site files then that hackers are getting back in through. So all the files need reinstalled (at least in my experience that’s the only thing that’s worked) and the database needs scanned. If I were more familiar with Bravenet’s setup I could give it a shot but I get really lost when I try to work in there. Depending on what’s wrong, it’s probably more than a quick job – last time I fixed an infected site it took 6-8 hours to finally get it clean permanently. I can walk you through what I did though and show you how. :)
          Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Smile With Your Blog CommentsMy Profile

  6. Hi Michelle,

    Super simple step-by-step instruction here.

    The more you show your face, the more people trust you.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted… Why Your Friends Might Change On the Way UpMy Profile

    1. Yes, it definitely helps us feel connected to others and when we feel connected and get to know each other, the trust can start to build. :)

  7. I so much prefer seeing a smiling face on comments versus the monster or other generic wordpress default.
    Jeff Wise recently posted… Child Development and Kids ExerciseMy Profile

    1. Me, too. It really helps me remember people and connect with their comments, blog, and social sites.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Weekend Inspiration: What’s Your Spark?My Profile

  8. Thanks for another great post. Do you recommend setting up all three. I have two of the three but maybe I should go set up a third.
    Robin Smith recently posted… Sparklers and Fireworks!My Profile

  9. […] Another great way to come up with blog post ideas is to look through the comments section on your own blog.  Let’s work through an example of that.  Using a post from earlier this week: Smile With Your Comments […]

  10. Avatar really make online interaction more fun and almost realistic. The avatars can give you a feeling that you’re talking to that person on the photo. :)

  11. Hi, Michelle,
    wished to see this post of yours before I made my own gravatar. I dont know if I am smiling enough on my photo here, but I sure think it’s appropriate. What do you think?
    Kristina L. recently posted… eReleases Coupon CodeMy Profile

  12. It’s nice to see faces of real people rather than random images. It helps you know your readers and make connections to them. Thanks for the advice Mich! :)

  13. Thanks for this information!
    Have always wanted to add my photo, so have given Gravatar a try!
    Mary C. Nasser recently posted… ART BLOG HOP!My Profile

    1. It looks great! I see you and your furry friend in your photo. :)

  14. I love the idea of posting your real photo when making comments. If you’re the blog owner you feel like you’ve made another friend and it helps you share a bond with your readers.

  15. These tips are very interesting. Having a photo together with your name when commenting is cool. It is because we can see who have post their comments and with the picture, we can actually see who is the one who commented.
    Ron recently posted… How to Get Rid of Chest FatMy Profile

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