Stand Out, Be Different, Work Your Brand

Yeah, we hear that all the time, right?  We’ve got to stand out, be different, and work our brand into everything we touch.  It’s great advice but how exactly do we make that happen?

I came across a fabulous example while surfing the news this weekend and couldn’t resist sharing.  The airlines in the video below is known for it’s crazy promotions and gimmicks so this fits right in and I’m sure keeps their passengers talking (who wouldn’t tell friends and family if this happened on their flight?).  Awesome.

Click here to watch a fun airline safety presentation video and read the background:

Come back and share your thoughts after you watch the video. Knowing that the airline prides itself on being a little quirky, what do you think of their safety presentation?

What other examples of great “stand out” displays or marketing have you seen recently?  What companies do you think do a great job of consistent, get noticed branding?

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  2. I thought it was original, but not sure if it was professional. I guess if that is the image they are going for then that is fine for them, but personally to me it just seems unprofessional and almost demeaning to the flight attendents. I’m sure there are some conservative people as well as the older generation who wouldn’t care for this at all.

    On the other hand if this is the one of the reasons that people choose this airline, then it must be working for them.
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    1. It *definitely* takes knowing your target market to pull off something like this well. My grandmother would not have been amused. It’s their style – this is the same airlines that runs in flight games and sweepstakes, and they have what many might consider an “in your face” sense of humor (for example, from their in-flight magazine:

      I would hope anything like this would be voluntary for employees since it is edgy and many women, myself included, wouldn’t exactly be interested in dancing in the aisles. But as long as it’s their choice I thought it was fun. :)

  3. I like the reading time warning. :) Being different is key. Not sure I’d want to be on that plane, but it’s definitely different!
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    1. That plugin is I thought it was nice.

      Different for sure. :) I’ve been on flights with some fun flight attendants (Alaska Airlines has a few that fly the Anchorage to Seattle route that are a hoot!) but never quite that different.

      I imagine many more people paid attention to the in-flight safety briefing.

  4. I don’t get into much “offline” marketing anymore. There has been one online marketer that has been going above and beyond for me lately. Tiffany Dow is in the PLR niche, which I just got started in. The info she has been handing out to her subscribers as been amazing. Every day it seems she is sending me something that is going to help grow my new business.

    That’s what does it for me. That’s the kind of brand I want to have, one that goes beyond what is expected.
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    1. Over delivering is always an excellent strategy – that’s great to hear. :)

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