Stop Hiding Behind Your Desk

Do you feel like hiding behind your desk when you have an opportunity to sell or deliver your services? You know you can help people and make a difference in their business or their life, but *something* is stopping you…

If that doesn’t sound like you, you can stop reading now. You’re one of the people blessed with a self-confidence and assurance that many of us aren’t. I’m thrilled for you (and envious!). But this post is only for you if, like me, you do have to fight to market your business.

Someone smart said, “If you want to grow as a person, start a business.” Or something like that. I googled but couldn’t find the attribution (if you know, please leave me a comment so I can get the quote right and attribute it).

It’s true. If you want to run up against all your weaknesses and fears, just build your own business and every one of them will attack you. Sometimes at once… self-doubt, lack of confidence… all the garbage from childhood that affects your perspective…  everything.

There’s more to building a successful business than just creating great products/services, and learning how to market and manage your business. Some entrepreneurs know how to do ALL those things well but still fail. Because something stops them from getting out there and selling themselves. Sometimes we’re the ones stopping ourselves.

How do you get past that?  For me, it takes help.  I have to get someone else to come in and play with my brain!

Therese Skelly is one of those “brain fixers” who helps entrepreneurs fix their mindsets so they can play bigger.  I managed to grab her for a quick interview to share with you.

Therese, I know that so many service based business owners hate to sell their services. Or if they do, they sure aren’t comfortable and confident doing it.

What are the signs that this is happening?

You will shy away from asking for the sale. Or find that rolling out small offers is easy, but the higher priced ones cause you to choke up when you state the fees. You are so afraid of being ‘salesy’ or ‘pushy’ that you don’t do the best job sharing the value that you provide. And it’s easier for you to trade your services or give price discounts than it is to step up and BOLDLY state your rightful fees. It’s also pretty easy to identify, because there is often a feeling of dread that accompanies the selling conversation, and many missed opportunities.

Why do you think this occurs for service based entrepreneurs?

Because we are programmed from our cultural conditioning to be very concerned about the other person. Women are particularly wired this way. When we hear an objection like “I don’t have enough money” there is a part of us that feels guilty asking, doesn’t want to make the other person feel uncomfortable, and so very often we back down from continuing the conversation which if done right could lead to them getting a solution. And us getting more clients and more cash!

You have a 5 step formula. Tell us a bit about that.

Let me say that the first and last steps are about YOU…the person doing the selling. It entails teaching you how to be confident in owning your value and understanding the results that the client could get from working with you. That’s why this goes way beyond a ‘sales training’ program, because it actually works on you growing into a more powerful version of yourself. It also really works on the nagging little thoughts that plague when we are in the selling conversation. I teach the skills to navigate through any limiting belief or fear.

After the ‘inner game’ work, the formula takes you into the prospective clients’ world and gives a way to connect with them on a much deeper level. This deep level of connecting is the reason they end up buying from you. So you aren’t selling them on your services, but instead selling them on their dreams.

The formula shows you how to work with this, discover where they are ‘breaking down’ or moving away from the dreams they have, and then how to position yourself as the expert that could really help them get what they want.

Therese, how did you get started talking about this sales stuff? I know you’ve been a business coach and a mindset expert, but why this topic?

As I would work with people, I’d notice that their marketing was beginning to be more effective so they’d have more prospects in front of them. But then they’d come to our coaching calls and we’d have to ‘deconstruct’ the selling conversation where they ended up losing their confidence and power if the prospect challenged them on their fees or gave another objection. Even if these people had a ‘selling script’ I kept seeing the same thing. And that was the awareness that it was in their mindsets where they’d ‘go weak’ and back down a bit. This kept costing them the client, a level of confidence, and of course, income.

Want to learn more from Therese? Join her for a free call tomorrow, Wednesday, June 23rd to learn more about how to shift your mindset so you aren’t hiding behind that desk anymore when it’s time to sell yourself!

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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing. I’m definitely ready to shift my mindset a bit. I signed up for the webinar. Hoping to get some good nuggets!

    1. Therese is great at re-framing things and working with her has been really helpful for me. I’ll be listening in, too. :)

  2. The main problem is most people that are hiding are too scared to admit it. The small percentage who do admit it, and don’t give up will make it through. Sales can be a brutal world at first, but once in, the water is fine! :)

    1. It’s hard to take those first few steps forward, but you’re right, Trudy — once we get out there, it gets easier.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I have started 2 small businesses this year. I rock at the ideas and the administration, but I’m noticing I choke when it’s time to interface with clients. Maybe I could get a little coaching from Therese. :)

    1. It’s a totally different mindset and skillset, isn’t it? We wear so many hats as entrepreneurs!

      Therese is a wonderful coach, Terri. I’d recommend any of her programs/services without hesitation.

  4. Good post. Behind the desk is the safe zone. It’s were you get the passive marketing done, the “hoping” part of the business. You put an ad out and hope someone will click on it. Passive is important but you have to do more of the active part of marketing if you are going to make it.

    1. Oooh good point, Michael. I’m going to have to think about that one some more because that’s an aspect of hiding behind a desk I hadn’t thought about too much.

  5. This part of the interview with Therese jumped out at me, Michelle …

    ” … you growing into a more powerful version of yourself.” Love that thought!

    I think we all have the proverbial “good bones” — the “potential.” I’ve met lots and lots of mompreneurs who are as sharp as tacks, extremely talented, and armed with motivation.

    However …

    It’s getting past the anxiety, the fear, the lack of confidence, and out from behind the desk that’s the greatest challenge.

    Excellent topic!

  6. Good interview. Was the call recorded? If so, where can I find it?


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  8. Hi Michelle,
    I think many people are afraid to market their business because they are afraid of rejections,this fear made me hide behind my desk for a long time.
    “If you want to run up against all your weaknesses and fears, just build your own business and every one of them will attack you. Sometimes at once… self-doubt, lack of confidence… all the garbage from childhood that affects your perspective… everything.” You are right,this is the cause of all the problems.
    Thanks for sharing this interview with Therese!

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