Stop Procrastinating! 15 Surefire Ways to Get Yourself Moving Again

It hits us all from time to time…

Don’t feel like writing that blog post…

Or getting the promotion done…

Turning on the camera to film another video…

But if you’re serious about building your business, you can’t let procrastination win.

Here are 15 surefire ways to get yourself moving again.

After you’ve looked at the list, share a comment with what you’ve found works for you or which strategies you’re going to try next time you get… a little bit sidetracked.


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  1. When speaking at live events I utilize an assistant to prompt me if I wander off into a rabbit hole of a rant or tangent. This keeps me on subject and on time. My delivery has improved and I have greater control of the meeting time and topic.

  2. Great coverage of article and your infographic representation is awesome. I must admit that I’m so guilty about being a procrastinator. Thanks for sharing this ideas. I really learned a lot. I just checked your other posts and they’re all very informative. Just bookmarked your page as well. Thanks again. Cheers!

  3. I like them all, especially #9

    Yes, it’s important to have that big goal (the mountain), but #9 helps us chunk it down into smaller believable bites.

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